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Are you looking for some app where you can indulge in some gangster like action? If you are, then you have to try your hands at the San Andreas Crime City 3D Free download game on Android. You would not find a better crime game with aesthetics such as the ones found in this game. This game is authentic, and you would have a lot of fun with this app on your phone. So, quickly get your hands on it.


The game is popularly known as GTA or Grand Theft Auto. Players from across the world have been playing it on PlayStation much before the game was launched on Android, and now more players are playing this phenomenal game. The users have rated the game eight on ten, and the popularity of this video game is skyrocketing.


This Ping9 game is where you are a gangster because you are seeking revenge for your mother’s death, and the cops are out on you. This is because you are no ordinary gangster, you are a real criminal who is killing masses, and other criminals because he wishes to prove who the boss is. Most of the time, you kill with guns. You know the whole city and go around. There are 20 exciting missions, and there are a lot of weapons with you. Not only do you have sophisticated guns, but you also have bikes, modern cars, and even a helicopter.

If you see a car nearby, you bomb it off, or you high-jack the vehicle, the choice is yours.

When you run out of weapons, you buy more from weapon shops, you need money, and you have to earn it with crime missions, you need this money to enter dance bars. So, the concept is well phased out, and the content is entirely adult.

This is another interaction game where the lead character talks to city folk, and the gang members. Games like these are winning the best game category these days in 2019.


Whether it is your characters face, height or clothes, the graphics are astounding. The game has been set in the midst of green groves, tall picturesque buildings, and such.


Touch screen controls make the game very easy and convenient to play, and the controls are very smooth, and the tournament moves very fast. You do not need to spend on a controller.


The music makes the show keep moving in this game.

In-app purchases

The fact that the game has no in-app purchases makes the game developers a winner in this game, and if you feel like spending the money, then you can buy merchandise.

Final Word

This is a world famous game, and the only thing that the users crib about is a few dull moments, but that is better than any game that keeps ending because of a game over.  


Assigned below are the extreme features of this game app, just check them out

  1. Extreme physics of Boat is incurred in this game app
  2. Excellent Helicopter and Aircraft physics
  3. Get inside the car and Collect the animations incurred in it
  4. Awesome traffic in the city and crowd imitations found

san andreas crime city 3d free download APK

This game app is easily accessible on all smartphones and tablets supporting the version of 2.3 and above and thus to get the access of this app on your device, simply move on to web site none other than 9apps and get the installation done immediately without incurring a single penny on it. And enjoy the best of it.

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