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This game is filled with lots of action. It is a game where you are a real city gangster-hero, who is not at all afraid of anything. Plenty of savage, aggressive criminals are found everywhere. These criminals shoot, kill people, rob banks and stores. In this game a there is a criminal in the city and here it’s your time to show to everyone who is the boss, on shooting rivals and ruling the streets. In this case, you are not a policeman, but instead you are a gangster, who doesn’t need any praise, as you are very much greedy for revenges. While playing this game you are carrying a big gun and must shoot down and kill as many bandits as possible with knifes and many other weapons too. This mission of San Andreas Crime City is action packed incurred with 20 exciting missions. This game app is developed by Ping9 Games and is incurred in the listed category of Games, accessible in the subcategory of Driving Games.

The actual file size of this app is of 46M and is of just Version 1. This game app supports the Android version incurring 2.3 and above. As you are driving around the city in San Andreas you can check out the minimap displaying the missions, or you can also select a quick buttons to being the mission right away. This game app is easily applicable in the web store of 9 Apps and can be downloaded as it is absolutely free of cost. In this game, you as a player is given complete access over the whole big city, whereby you will go extremely crazy, and also be aware while going across the city not to make any noise as then the cops do not capture you. The action incurred in this game app is of 3D game revolving around shooting and killing all your enemies. And inorder to stop the criminals, you need to overcome all the challenges and also need to learn as to how to fly a helicopter and jet planes.


Assigned below are the extreme features of this game app, just check them out

  1. Extreme physics of Boat is incurred in this game app
  2. Excellent Helicopter and Aircraft physics
  3. Get inside the car and Collect the animations incurred in it
  4. Awesome traffic in the city and crowd imitations found

san andreas crime city 3d free download APK

This game app is easily accessible on all smartphones and tablets supporting the version of 2.3 and above and thus to get the access of this app on your device, simply move on to web site none other than 9apps and get the installation done immediately without incurring a single penny on it. And enjoy the best of it.

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