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The share it app works cross-platform which means file transfer between two different types of computers or from mobile to computer and computer to mobile.  The files which you can share are music, movies, wallpapers, GIFs, and other data. The data does not become worse in quality as the transfer takes place; the transmission is the fastest in the world which is 200 times the sharing speed on Bluetooth.

Video quality is such that it supports all formats, it is possible to go about online and offline viewing of videos, both online and offline listening to music, the music player that comes with this app is elegant which means the sound quality is immersive. The other files are also personalized and funny kinds.

Share Zone

The app tagline lives up to its name – discover and share the immense joy. There is the share zone which lets you upload files which you want to share with your contacts and with the public at large.

Games app

When you go to the games section, you will find games which are top games and games which everyone is playing; then there are featured games and hot games, so that is a whole lot of entertainment for you right there in the games section.

Clean it app

The app ‘share it’ is linked to the other app called ‘clean it.’ ‘Clean it’ is a save more space app which also acts as a battery saver, it is a scanning app which makes your phone faster, and this junk file cleaner app called ‘clean it’ and the ‘share it’ app work together in tandem.

Lock it app, Listen it app and Clone it app

The other app linked to both these apps is the ‘lock it’ app which is an app for privacy, the immersive sound music player which we talked about before is the ‘listen it’ app. You can make this ‘listen it‘ app your go-to app for music and last of all, there is another app called ‘clone it ‘ which works in a way that all files of one phone are copied as it is on another phone, this is best for when you are changing your phone and want all your first phone data on your new phone.

The share it app also has a video player app which gives you a video viewing experience which has no parallel.

We share app

Share it caters to smaller files so when you want to work with bigger files and transfer them then share it suggests another app called we share.

How Share it app developed

Share it was developed in the light of the fact that earlier sharing files were only done through Bluetooth which is very slow and through USB ports where the virus could be transferred from one system to another. So, share it, and other apps started coming to the surface. Now, share it has 1.5 billion users. It is a single app, but it comes with an in-built button to all the other apps which we discussed above. The rating for the share it the app is 4.6.

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