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If you are looking for a file transfer and looking for similar alternatives to the best file sharing apps for Android, then you have hit home. 

The share it app can be found in  9Apps games within Android apps and found in file hippo store. This app is the best out of all cross-platform multimedia apps because it is the fastest cross-platform multimedia app for file transfer. This makes the app cutting edge and a productive app which works on Android, iOS, and Windows. 


Let us look at why share it as an app is so fast. It is fast because it is WiFi direct. This makes the WiFi devices connect easily, and there is no need for a wireless access point. A WiFi access point means it allows you to browse the internet, allow file transfer, and communicating with more than one device at one time at average WiFi speed.  

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Tools | 23.55MB | Update: 2019-06-25 | Version: 4.0.28_ww | Requires: Android 4.8.58 or later


The second most important thing about apps from file hippo is that the apps are checked for malware, adware, and virus. 


The third best thing about this app is that it works offline, and not on data pack. This makes the share it app more authentic. When you go online, you will get to see updates lined up. 


The fourth particular thing about share it is group sharing. Each new phone has to join the group; once that is done, smartphones can download the files in the group. Thus there is no need to send data to each member individually. 


The fifth feature of the share is that there is a web share. The person to whom you are sending the file does not need to have the app, web share creates a hotspot, the sender needs the app, go to the side menu, select web share, select the files that need to be shared, such as photos and music and apps, finally hit send to send, the receiver does not require the app, he can download the files from any internet browser such as Internet Explorer. Before that, the receiver needs to go to settings, wifi, and senders hotspot. This hotspot is provided on the sender’s web share screen,  so this information needs to be with the receiver. The only drawback of this app is that of time you can send files to other devices but receiving data is tougher. 

 Key Features:

  1. Share it is 200 times faster than any other media sharing to like Bluetooth as its highest speed goes up to 20M/s and the best part of this app is that it never loses quality while transferring the files from one location to another.
  2. The registered users of share it can transfer all types of files including images, music files, videos, apps, ringtones and other files in almost all the formats supported by their concerned device.
  3. There is no limit or restriction to share or send and receive audios, videos, and other files so the users can watch it in the offline mode and also in their preferred resolution as it also supports HD and other picture qualities.
  4. This app also supports almost all formats that give you are smooth media playing experience anytime and anywhere so you can play your favorite high-quality songs and thousands of curated playlists not even in online but in offline mode as well.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have never downloaded this amazing and useful share it 9apps on your device then just get it now by clicking on the header or footer options and install it directly from download filehippo through APK now…

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