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Are you looking out for apps that can help you with file sharing? Well, there are many of them out in the market but if you want to use the most effective app that can help you with faster file transfer then Shareit app is the best for you. This app can help you with almost everything and the share it app has all the features regarding file sharing and even file handling. There are so many benefits that you can get by using the app and Share it app has always been on the trending list which makes it way more popular app than all other apps out in the market.


If you want to install the app on your phone then all you need is access to the 9apps. There are two ways in which you can do that and the first way is to use the browser and use the 9apps web store to get an app that you want or you can simply install the Shareit app from the app. The first thing that you have to do is to search for the app that you are looking for and then the results will pop up. You have to choose the app you need and then you can make a way out with the apk file of the app. You can get it easily by clicking on the version that you want to install and then you can simply download the file as per your needs. Here are some other features and important factors that you must know about the Shareit app. 

1) Share Files Easily

With the Shareit app on your phone, you can get to share any of the apps for free and without any hassles. There has been a lot of benefits that you can get by sharing files and using them for your mobile device. The sharing of files when done with the Shareit app is much faster and more secure than any other app.

2) No Ads

There are no ads that will pop up in between and unlike other apps, the Shareit app is not greedy at all. This is really a huge benefit that you can get from the app and it is all that you need from the share it sharing app.

3) Share Multiple Files

Sharing of the files is one thing and the add on thing that you can get from the share it app is that you can get to share multiple files easily and without any extra efforts. This is all that you need and sharing of the files on your phone with ease and multiple at a time can help you a lot for sure.

4) Fast, Optimized and very powerful

The app is much faster than others and it is very powerful which allows heavy files to transfer with ease.

For downloading 9apps install download 2018 through APK.