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There would have been many times when you would have liked to share a file with someone, but could not do so because you could not use email or found it inconvenient and too slow. In such a case, file sharing apps are the best solution.

Shareit is, without doubt, one of the most popular file sharing apps in the world. This app allows you to share files with another device instantly. It is the fastest way of sharing files. Whether it is a document you want to share, an audio clip, a video or even a full-length movie, you can do it easily and seamlessly using the Shareit app.

The app is highly popular and has 1.5 billion users worldwide. It is a highly successful file sharing app in India, having 400 million users. It is highly popular in small towns and villages also. No wonder it is one of the top apps in the world.

Features of Shareit:

  1. Super speed: Shareit is extremely fast. This is the main reason for its popularity. It can even go up to 200 Mbps speed. It is said to be 200 times faster than Bluetooth when it comes to data sharing.
  2. Cross-platform: The app is cross-platform in nature. It is not that you can only transfer files from one Android device to another. You can even transfer from Android to iOS and even Android to a Windows PC. This is a great facility making this app most popular.
  3. No network restrictions: This is, without doubt, the most powerful feature of this app. You don’t need internet connectivity to share files. So it saves internet data charges. It makes use of a local connection using the in-built Wi-fi facility in the phone. Since it does not use the internet, it is completely free, whereas if you send emails, it consumes internet data.
  4. All formats supported: You can share any file using this app. Documents, Pdf files, Mp3, Mp4, any kind of file can be shared. Most importantly you can even send the apk files allowing others to install the app that you are using on your mobile device. No need to install apps, you can share them.
  5. Video player: Shareit has an in-built video player. You can use it to play videos of your choice. The app gives you suggestions of videos you would like. Watch them and have an enjoyable time. The video player provides a smooth experience to watch videos. It supports videos of all formats for your convenience.


Open the 9Apps website and search for Shareit apkpure or you can use this link to directly visit the page, click on the download button. This downloads the APK file. Tap on the file name and installation is done instantly.

Now that you have Share it installed, use it to share files with your friends and anyone anywhere. The best way to transfer files among mobiles. Enjoy file sharing in a fast and convenient way of using the most popular file-sharing app in the world.

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