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You might feel like playing a new online game this season. A lot of games are trending these days. One of such games is ‘Shoot Hunter Gun Killer Game.’ Millions of people are playing this game. People are pleased with this app. It is the latest game that is being downloaded a lot on Android. The rating of the game is 4.3 / 5. You are the sniper killer in the game where a war is going on. It is a one man one war game. The game is 3D.


The creator company of the game is RAY3D.


You are stranded in war, and the only surviving human of a war attack against a terror outfit, and you want revenge. You want to avenge the friends and family who have died in a war, and the game gives you specialized skills. You have no option but to fight. Your weapons are M16 and AK47. Though there are a lot of weapons. The game takes you to terrains such as the ice world, and the city and the desert. You aim to survive in this harsh terrain and scare of the enemy. The game is time bound. You do not have unlimited time to conquer the enemy.


The game is controlled by touch screen, the visuals are console quality, there is advanced physics at work the way the game has been designed, and the overall graphics are excellent.

You have buttons to move or rotate around.

The frames per second or FPS is very high, and the game looks very real.  The overall game is making for absorbing Gameplay. The UI or interface is intuitive, and the player is hidden behind a block of wood so as not to be visible to the enemy, and there are always more chances of the player killing enemies rather than vice versa, but to have the game be real, there is also chances of the hero dying.


The higher the level, the more the number of enemies that would be presented in front of you. Initially, there are only a few enemies displayed on the screen, but with changing levels that change. More enemies per level are because the more enemies you fight, the more reward you get. For killing one enemy, you got gold coins in dollars. You aim to earn as many coins as possible.


The game is an action category.

Age Group

Although the game targets teen players,  it involves a lot of blood, and teen violence. But, since the protagonist is fighting terror, therefore, the player is the hero of the game.

Free of Cost

The whole game is free of cost. The language of the game is English. You can download this game on Android 4.3 and other versions. You need internet to play the game.


Below  given are some of the few authentic features of this game app

  1. In this game app you will have to face various challenges incurred and nobody can stop you in attacking the confidence of the enemies.
  2.  Various weapons are easily applicable in this app such as AK47, M16, WA2000, AWP, M400 and so on
  3. Through this game you will get the face an extreme experience of performing various skills like quality visuals, precise controls, etc and so on.
  4. Various tasks are also incurred in this game app and you have to face them all based on your assigned tasks.


Finally, To attain the access of this game app on your device, simply click on the app store of 9apps through the link of APK and for PC and get the direct installation without any worries and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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