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There are a lot of competitive shopping mobile apps that you should keep on your phone because the online shopping arena has made it pretty clear to you that the price on one portal would vary significantly from estimates on the other portal. You can compare the prices with the help of the product name, and you would have bargained and reached an ideal price for the product. One such top-rated app is the Snapdeal. Here are some things which you should know about this app.

How to have the app running in perfect order

When you do not use the app for a long time, and you wish to use it after ages, then the best way to go about it is to look out for updates.

How to Choose the best deal?

1) Look out for Discounts

Discounts are good, and common sense suggests that you should go for the highest discounts. Some things are 80% off, and some are up to 80% off. You should know that a flat 80% discount is not easy to get, but you should be on a lookout, and the other hand is up to 80% off which means the discount could be anything from 5% to 80%.

2) Reviews from Customers

Online shopping is all about reviews. The product may sound perfect on paper, but usually, it is not if it is being sold for very cheap. Do not compromise on quality. Product descriptions should be the first read then one should read a customer review to see if the product lived up to the customer’s satisfaction.

3) Dealer’s Rating

The dealer should have an excellent rating, and he should be reliable once again in the eyes of the customers as well as the website. Go for a branded dealer, a reputable dealer, and a well-rated dealer who accepts returns, and refunds money if the buyer does not like the product.

Features of Snapdeal App

There are many features that you can get from Snapdeal and here are all those things that you can get –

1) Daily Deals

There is a deal for Christmas that lasts till new year then further is another offer for when the festive season is gone. So, you are always being rained on by may an offer. If there is a rare time when there is no discount then wait a day or two, and the cuts would be back in full swing.

2) Easy And Secure Transactions

Your transaction is safe. A lot of people believe in COD for that reason, but even if your payment has timed out, there is nothing to worry because your money has not been deducted.

3) EMI options

For electronic items and expensive items, there is EMI, cash back, reward points and so much more.

4) Customer Care Support

Customer service lets you track your order from the first to last minute

5) Fast Delivery

The delivery takes less than a week. The whole shopping online experience is pretty worth it.  

Have a look at the below mentioned extreme features of Snapdeal online shopping app?

  1. a)Shopping with the Latest Brands from Snapdeal incurs
  • with Vero Moda, Hidesign, Acer and Samsung
  • Shopping for dresses, electronics, books, gadgets and all  daily needs
  • All in one is applicable in Snapdeal store
  1. b)Lifestyle Fashion
  • Men’s Clothing- Items such as clothes, shoes, ties, belts and so on
  • Women’s Clothing- Shopping for tops, kurtas, jeans shoes and much more
  1. c) Electronics and Gadgets
  • Purchase the latest mobiles, TV’s and various other items
  • Chargers, earphones, and many others
  1. d) Deals and Sales
  • This app grants access to the best of the prices and provides you with awesome deals
  • Through daily deals, you can save plenty in various ways while shopping
  1. e) Explore and search
  • Keep searching for plenty of new offers with over 35 million products in this app
  • Check out the images of the products, details of the item and various other specifications before purchasing any item
  • Also, do check for the customer reviews and ratings about the product you have been seeing
  1. f)Updates on the Delivery and Every order advance security notification
  • In this app, delivery of free shipping is incurred to more than 6000 cities in India
  • Safety Order with the guaranteed payment of 100% is incurred in this app
  • Payment Transaction via credit/debit, EMI, Net Banking, Cash-on-Delivery or Free Charge Cashback is all found in this app
  • Tracking of the Order done can also be checked
  • Exchange returns of 7-day are also easily accessible


Finally, having a glance at the above-prescribed description and features, do have the quick installation of this Snap deal on your Android device from 9apps apk store and experience the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of shopping at your fingertips without moving too far.  

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