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Play Subway Surfers using Android App

There are various games you can play online, and there is nothing better you can do to spend time when you are on your phone. The game that is doing the round among the masses is ‘ Subway Surfers’. This game is free and has been designed by the HJ Indo Studio. The language of the game is English.

It is generically an Android game intended for kids but also falls within the adult category. This is a cop thief game where you are the thief with a bounty on your head, and hiding from the police, the police dog and the clown.

How to use most of the functions?

You can use the most functions of the game, by revealing your age when it is asked at the start of the game. You could be 30 years of age or 15 years old, and the toughness level of the game would be different for both. Therefore, hats off to the brain behind the game.

1) Graphics and Music

Your game is accompanied by excellent graphics of things such as paint spray guns, jail bars, candy world, and you can design your whole world based upon how well you play. It is not just the graphics, but there is enthralling and entertaining background music that plays because of which you get engaged in the game not getting to know how much time has passed.

2) Reviews from Customers

Kids love every bit of this game just like the millennial generation used to get hooked onto video games. This game is being called the front runner for hiding and seek games, is high on consumerism, but negligible on adult content because of which parents do not mind when kids play this for hours.  

3) Payments

This game is not free. Usually, the toughness levels go on increasing, and when the game comes to exit because the convenience to play has surpassed a certain level then the game starts demanding cash, and parents are often left wondering where their kid spend the money. But, the transactions that you make when you buy anything through this game Subway Surfers are done pretty much faster. The sales are secure, and you can make them without worrying about anything.

Features of Subway Surfers App

There are many features that you can get from Subway Surfers and here are all those things that you can get –

1) Educational content

There is daily educational input that you can get from the game. For example, your kid would go word hunting. Lost amid all the chaos, your little one has to spot letters for the word ‘ SAND,’ and thereby he learns as he plays.

2) Response Time

The thing about this game as with all online games is that it checks your presence of mind, and the challenges have been kept robust even for kids who are very young.

3) Brand value of the game

The game has been rated just second to Temple Run, and the latter as we all know is one of the landmark games of this era.

  1. Plenty of Coins incurred to increase your Stamina
  2. Escaping from the Clown hunter
  3. Avoiding the obstacles that are found along your way
  4. This game for Samsung mobile


Finally, this game app can be easily accessed from 9apps games and easily installed and downloaded on Android devices as it is extremely Free of cost. Thus, after installing on you device you can enjoy and play this interesting game to the best of your ability.

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