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Are you looking for racing games among video games because you wish to play a game that does not need a lot of brain application then the subway scooter surfer game is just for you. You will have a lot of fun playing the same with your friends when you get together for a Pizza and video game party. You will find a lot of similar games on the android, but the best-rated match out of all is the subway scooter surfers.


Kaizen Code has come up with another game like Temple Run. This game is called subway surfer scooter run and is the next edition in the line of the subway surfers game series. It is fast becoming popular on Android. The game is designed for endless game time, you are on a scooter, and you are racing on the train tracks collecting prizes and points. You have to avert obstacles. The fun part is that constraints can also move, but you have been given a lot of innovative methods to avoid the danger, the rail tracks never end, and the overall game play is worth it. The whole game is about distance covered and points earned. The trains are moving in your direction, and the gold coins are laid out in large numbers on the tracks.


No one likes playing games on which they have to do a lot of hard pressing of buttons. Therefore, this game is everyone’s choice as just four controls are needed. Two for forwarding and sideways movement, and two controls for collecting coins, and averting obstacles and jumping. No artistry needed there and just some manual enjoyment of a simple game. The controls are rightly being called silky smooth.


The game is meant for either kids or an adult who is not in a very mature mood on the day. The graphics prove that. There is a blast of color, candy, and gold coins, plus trains and the rail tracks. The content is made for kids, but everyone can have a nice time playing some game in a lighter vein. These are called cartoon graphics. The graphics show two more characters besides the main protagonist. First is the cat who has all the candy which it won’t give away, and the candy which the protagonist wants, and the next character is a policeman who is angry with the protagonist. Makes it a fun game to play.


The music is an integral part of such games.

Interactive features

The features of the game are interactive. The game is not just becoming popular in one country, but worldwide. The game has been rated a 4.2 and is well priced, and being downloaded in thousands of numbers every half an hour, and it does not occupy a lot of data, nor is it going to slow down the battery. Therefore, you must download this game right now.

It is the perfect game for the holiday season, and very colorful, light and bright.


Incurred below are some of the authentic features of Subway Scooter Surf, just have a look at them

  1. This game is incurred with endless game play incurred with endless running games
  2. It is incurred with simple silky smoother controls with good automation present in it
  3. This game app is of awesome games and very interesting app too
  4. Various track systems incurred in this game app are never ending ones
  5. Techniques incurred of avoiding master dynamic blockages
  6. Very soon 4 characters are going to be updated in this game app

subway surfers game 2 download for mobile APK

If you are very much interested in this game app and want to enjoy the best of it accessing on your device, then simply click on 9apps and install and download it without any worries., as it is extremely free of cost.

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