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We all try apps at some point of time or the other,  and some people like spending a lot of time just figuring out a lot of different apps, and in the latter case, it is recommended that you try Task Bucks.

You get monetary rewards for downloading apps on your phone, share your feedback on how you wanted a particular app, and you could also get paid for that. If the company considers your download successful, then they will instantly pay you, and that is when you can assume that your download has been successful as far as the company is concerned. This money is downloaded to the TASK BUCKS wallet. You can only download and get paid for one app once, and not for the same app twice.

Mode Payment

You must be wondering on which platform you will get paid, and the answer is the Task Bucks wallet convertible to Paytm or Mobile recharge packs. You get your money in mobile recharge packs means that you get free recharges. The maximum limit up to which you could get paid every day is INR 100. The company proclaims that with this app, the masses can earn limitless. The app making company is genuine although people are having a tough time believing the same.

Paytm and Task Bucks have partnered to give more rewards and the money also works with Mobikwik. You also get money for referrals, so if you rope in more friends as affiliates, then you get referral rewards. When you win one of the daily contest, then you get free recharge, so the award is daily, and all things are interconnected. To be precise, one person cannot earn more than 100 bucks a day, and overall, for the whole population, the prizes are unlimited.

All tasks of Task Bucks are simple and can be quickly completed by participants who want to engage with Task Bucks. You can earn through quizzes as well. There are quizzes held every 1 hour, and you can participate in all, all questionnaires have prize money so all your bored time or time exploring apps could be spent earning small prizes.

People are saying that the prize money is too small, and they are right.

Method of earning money

The concept is simple. You download apps, write app reviews and you refer friends and you earn. There is the last way which is quizzes.

1.5 crore people are doing this and earning money so why cannot you do the same? It is worth trying although it is being said that Task Bucks have apologized for a system failure once, and time will only tell how well the reward system works in the future. The payment is usually Paytm, and you also get free recharges.  

This app is calling itself an app for hustlers, hard workers and for the most ambitious people who are spending time exploring Android apps.

  • Taskbucks app is an ultimate new recharging app involved with the downloading of apps, offering completion of certain tasks and filling surveys opted in it
  • All the earned bucks will then be offered as your Free Recharge for your device
  • To obtain the recharge, you need to obtain minimum of Rs 10 in your account
  • All the recharged are done instantly without any delay
  • Task Bucks also provides you Rs 5. If your friends join you in this app
  • The Task Bucks is very thin of 1.4MB when compared to various other recharging apps
  • Task Bucks offers also Free paid mobile bill payment, Mobile Recharge for Free, Free Paytm Money and so on.


Finally, if you want to obtain the download of this app on your device then simply grab the instant download of this app from 9apps apk install without any delay and attain all benefits mentioned above without any charges and enjoy the best of it without any limits.

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