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Teen Patti Gold Game is one of the most trending games when you surf out in the casino categories. It is a card game and you can start playing the game once you are well known with the real game. The Teen Patti Gold Game is the best game that you can get with some of the realistic graphics and gameplay, the game adds up so much fun to play it. You can learn to play the game with some of the most amazing modes in the game which can let you play the game with more interest. If you are a beginner then we are here to help you play the game easily with some of the most effective tips that can help you to play the game.

Tips to Play Teen Patti Gold Game

The playing of Teen Patti Gold Game is not that easy but it can be when you start using the app to enjoy it. Once you start enjoying the game then there will be nothing that you need to be worried about and this will help you to play on some high boot value table. Anyways, here are the tips that you need to follow as to keep on playing the Teen Patti Gold Game and to win easily.

1) Play Blind

Playing Blind can add us as a benefit for you and if you have a feeling that you have a better ouch then you can keep on playing blind and one of the best thing that you can get with that is that you will pay half the amount than the one with cards seen.

2) Play with Algorithm

Playing according to the algorithm is one of the most interesting things that you need. When you start playing the Teen Patti Gold Game then you will see that the algorithm of the game will help you get going and to play according to the table that you are playing.

3) Use Variations

The variations in the game are all that you need and this thing can help you keep going. The variations in the game make some small cards big and this is all that you need when you are on the lowest luck. You can choose some really interesting variations like trail or lowest cards when you master getting the lowest cards for all in the game.

4) Use Sideshow

When you are playing the game then you need to leave your ego aside and keep on playing only to win. The best way to clear off the table without losing a huge sum of money is by giving a sideshow to the player next to you. You can request a sideshow by adding money into the pot and requesting it and then it is up to the next player to accept or reject giving you a show. The one with higher cards will keep playing if accepted and the one with lower cards will pack up cards.


If you are very much interested in playing this app, then from it download 9apps totally free o cost without a single penny. And enjoy the best of this game without any hassles.

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