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Temple run is one of the trending games that are out there in the market from years by Imangi Studios. There are a lot of users that are using the game and they are totally addicted to the game. This game is perfect for someone who is bored and there will be nothing that you will regret. However, the game is not that time consuming and the game is simply like Subway surfer and many other running apps. If you are fond of games that let you complete challenges and many other things that feelruns realistic then Temple run 2 is for you. Temple Run 2 is a newer version of Temple run and this game is easy to play than the previous version with all new maps and many other things.

Tips to Play Temple Run 2

There are so many things that you can get from the game and it can be something that will always help you to play the game better. There are some tips that you need to know and we are here to help you with all the tips and tricks that will always help you out in some of the most amazing ways.

1) Collect Gems

Never miss out on gems and when you are playing the game then you need to collect gems that will surely benefit you. The gems can make your game stronger and you can get most out of the gems with it which will surely add up as a massive benefit for your game. You can collect them while playing the game and you can even collect gems by completing missions and other many challenges.

2) Complete Daily Missions

There are daily missions that you need to complete as to get things done. This thing can help you out in some of the most amazing ways. You can use these missions to gain some extra things and it will surely benefit you to enhance your gameplay.

3) Use Boosts

When you are about to run then you can get so many things done with it and using the boost with the startup can add up to your run and you can use any of the preferred runs as per your currency. You can use it for 2500 meters or even 500 meters while running at first.

4) Slow Down your Sprinter

This is more of a trick that everyone is afraid of and when you are playing your game then you will see that your printer will keep on getting pace as per the game and when you are at extent to control your player then you can swipe left to slow down your printer and to get it to slow down a little.

5) Check Your Objectives

When you are playing the game then you will get to see that there are certain objectives that will give you amazing rewards on completion. It can be something like jump 10 times or slide 50 times to get the reward.

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