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The Avengers is an excellent app initiated on April 11,2012 at Hollywood’s El Captain Theatre and has been released on May 4, 2012. This film has received plenty of good responses from various customers apart from critics, as well as plenty of awards and nominations. This Avenger is written by Joss Whedon. It is a fictional team of superheroes which appears in American comic book initiated by Marvel Comics. The headquarters of Avengers is in a New York City building named Avengers Mansion. This mansion was furnished by Edwin Jarvis, the Avengers faithful butler. In the Avengers, “United They Stand” is an animated series featured on the Marvel superheroes. It was granted international authority by the United Nations. Various Members included in that period were Jack of Hearts and the Second Anti-Man. This story featured the deaths of some members and a loss of credibility for the team. This film is a 2010 animated series featured on Marvel superheroes.

This App is also found in 9 Apps and is incurred as the video game for all Android devices. The film has received plenty of inspiration from the Avengers and Ultimate’s comic series. Presently in development are Avengers Infinity War and an untitled sequel. To approach Loki and the revelation that S.H.I.E.L.D, the avengers became divided. The CEO of Marvel Studios Avi Arad announces the plans of developing the film in April 2005, whereby Marvel Enterprises declaration of independence by allying with Merrill Lynch producing the list of films distributed by Paramount Pictures. Thus, this Avengers app is extremely available in 9apps APK web store totally free of cost and can be installed without any tension. Thereby, Marvel noticed their plans through a brief presentation to Wall Street analysts, thus the studios main intention was to release individual films for the main characters assigned to identify their conditions before combining the characters together in a crossover film.


Ø  Operation Abidjan

Ø  Culver University Battle

Ø  Battle of Puente Antiguo

Ø  Duel of Harlem

Ø  World War II

Ø  Flashback of Battle in the Valkyrie

Ø  Chitauri Invasion

Ø  Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S Destruction

Ø  Skirmish in Germany

Ø  Helicarrier attack

Ø  New York Battle


1] Hugin and Munin

2] Leviathans

3] Bilgesnipe

4] Ants


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