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Bridge the Wall game – 2017

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This is an awesome game of building the walls and an addictive game too. It is a game app developed by Innovative Games and is listed in the category of Free Action App. This app supports the Android version of 9 and above. Anyone and everyone would love and enjoy this game to the fullest and will continue playing over and over again. Bridge the Wall is a very simple game as the name itself suggest of Building the Walls. This game app is accessible on all devices of Android whereby the user needs to build the walls of the bridges to avoid the car from falling which is moving on the wall. The main aim of this game, is to prevent the call from falling off the bridges as its passing by. This game involves no special tricks, no power ups and no extra options of gameplay. It is a very simple game app. As the speed of the vehicle increases, the game doesn’t incur in increasing and is never difficult in playing. The 3D graphics found in this game app are the best and the users using this app simply love it the most, wherein it is superimposed in a 2D environment.

This game app actually involves bridging of the walls and saving the car from falling which is running on those walls. The Walls are incurred of different length and height. This is a scoring game where you can score more of the points and attain rewards for making high score and complete the game to the full extent. Here, the car keeps moving left to right and thereby, you need to keep building the over gaps that is left in between. It seems to be easy, but as the bridging of the walls keeps increasing, the speed of the car too seems to be increasing and thus the gap sizes gets extended more and more. Wherein, you your time too gets shortened to build longer and longer gaps, which becomes a little difficult. Actually, building the wall is just a simple one. This app is exclusively found in 9 Apps and can be installed without any tensions as no subscription fee incurred on it.


Assigned below the extreme features of this app, just check out them:

1]   Construction of the Bridges: In this game app, the user has just to construct the bridges and fill the gaps to prevent the moving car from falling off the bridges

2] Simple extraordinary Game App:  It is a very simple interesting game app, which creates more interest to users in building the walls

3] 3D Graphics: Game filled with 3D Graphics which is very inspiring and addictive


Finally, This game is incurred with joining the walls with the bridge. It is easily accessible on 9app and can be very quickly downloaded and installed on your Android and enjoy this game, as it is extremely free of cost without investing a single penny.

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