Toy Truck Rally 3D games download APK for Android version 1, 2

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Control a toy truck in the toy truck rally 3D game on Android App :


There are so many apps on your phone, but it is one of the rare times that you can control a toy truck with this toy truck rally 3 D game which is coming to you in the form of an Android app.

Make the best of it, and it is the perfect cure for your boredom. It will bring back memories of childhood as you avert the obstacles with your toy truck with only four modes and these modes being left, right, front and back.

Download it on your phone now and play with the sound mode, and the vibration mode on. The sounds make it encouraging, and the vibration makes it more real.


This is the most successful toy truck games in the English language in the racing category. This is compatible with all mobile devices that have Android. The game has two modes – night and day, and the trucks that you get to choose between are more than 10, and all bearing a different model number. There are certain portions of the game that are paid. For instance, if you want to full the jeep tank, or you want coins or to fully recharge your car then you have to pay a 1000 dollar bill, or else you can play the free version. The environs of the game are enticing, from being in the middle of deserted mountains at once to a totally other location later, the game has it all.

Let us look at some parameters of the game :

1) Rating

The game has just been given a score of 3 on 5, and not even a 4 because although the concept of the game is excellent that instead of a car,  you have a childhood truck which you are driving, but it has only four controls, and these too get stuck and are too heavy as if you were playing an ancient video game. But, it is also a touch screen which is the major part of it, and trying to use just the controls gets tiring touch is better.

2) Reviews from Customers

You would love to know that right on its first year of arrival in the gaming domain; this app has been rated the highest rated by the customers. The community for the app has given positive remarks, and people are seen telling each other to download the app, and that seems like the usual perception of the app. For a change from the usual car racing games, everyone is happy lugging around a truck.

3) Payment

The rating that is given to this online app is also because it makes the readers give cash. Usually, the perception is that a certain paid section in an app makes the app even more appealing. But, the download is free of cost, and the app would not be found in the paid category.


Assigned below are the Awesome features of Toy Truck Rally 3D, just spare a bit of time on having a look at it.

  1. Various modes are incurred in this app: such as Challenge mode which is of level-mode and extremely free mode.
  2. An entertaining 3D racing game
  3. This game app is filled with full of entertainment and fun
  4. A very unique game of remote control incurred in this game app

Toy Truck Rally 3D games download APK for Android version 1, 2

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