traffic racer 2 car game free download APK – 2018

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Traffic Racing in Car is a number 1 awesome app incurred for all Android devices supporting the version of 2.1 and above. This game app is initiated by Planegg Mobile Entertainments and the actual version of this app is around 1.0. This app is listed on the category of Racing App, and absolutely free of cost without incurring a single penny. The size of this app is of 13M and the last updation status of this app was on July 16, 2016.

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The overall rating for this app received until now is around 3.7. The actual number of reviews incurred on this app until now is of about 265. Thus, moving forward you can enjoy car driving in a car. Perform all your excellent skills needed and attain all the necessary achievements required. This app is easily accessible to all Android devices from the web site 9 Apps and the ultimate user downloads taken place every week are of about 82, 460,000.

The latest version of this game app is accessible at 9 Apps. This app attains all important benefits incurred on it and makes the app look like more of the popular merchandise which seems to be very positive in the users case.  And hence, while playing you can keep on upgrading your car inorder to attain better performance. Even though, the reviews of the customers seems to  be not that good, but once you begin playing you will get to feel the best of it and will be more addictive to this game in various ways. Inorder to get to know more about the app, just click on 9 Apps and check out all the awesome features incurred in it. While driving a car, you need to avoid lots of traffic accidents, and follow up the limitations of the speed, also you can upgrade you car for better performances. The Traffic racing app is just of about 13.2M. It is considered to be one of the traditional apps. And it is very easily to all users with Android devices.


Assigned below are the authentic features of this app, just make a note of them

  1. This game app is featured with 3D stunning graphics
  2. Excellent car driving experience
  3. Superb HD graphics
  4. Good car physic and car simulation
  5. Through this game you can earn cash to unlock and upgrade 8 high-performance vehicles
  6. This game app is incurred with 9 paint colour for you
  7. Customization of your cars with 9 different types of wheels

traffic racer 2 car game free download APK – 2018

After looking at the above features and very much interested and want to have the access of this app on your device then do not go any further, just move on to the website 9apps and have the immediate installation on your device, as it is extremely free of cost without incurring a single payment.

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