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If you are looking for a train simulator game then this USA Indian Train Simulator game is making its presence felt in Indian markets. The game is an extraordinary simulation game which makes for a great past time.

Galvanic Technologies have designed the digital train simulator game. The game falls under the category of simulation games.

The app is available free of cost. You would be in the driver’s seat, and inhaling all the views. The ground view is the most breathtaking with the train shows as if coming towards you. The game is 3D which allows great graphics. The graphics are real, and you get to witness all of the train car types. The environs are also 3D. The sound effects of the train are also authentic.

You must have wanted to get a feel of how it would be playing a mobile and desktop game with the route being USA and Canada. These trains are so cool. The railroad covers many old American cities such as Boston, New York, Kansas City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Vancouver, and Winnipeg and Montreal. The game has a rating of 4.1/ 5.

The new trains and stations around the world can be viewed. You can also see the interiors of the train.

User Interface

The U.I is very appealing. The U.I. has kids playing with toy trains. The game is updated day today, so there are newer features every day. For instance, the trains that you see in the game are steam trains, and vintage and modern trains, some electric trains, and some diesel trains. The train that you are driving stops at 12 stations, there are in all ten passengers you control, there are 210 levels and missions to accomplish. The game is a tribute to the Delorean movie, and the cars and videos are from there. You get to enjoy many a feature such as brakes, hydraulic motion, manual and reverse, and more. You get to see the sights of living marine and animal life. Not just that, there is a detailed world scene such as natural elements of nature such as the sky, and the oceans. The controls are user-friendly. The train takes quick signals and turns thus making it a high energy game.


The audience is all ages because the content of the game is made for all age groups such as young, and young adults. The young adults, teens, and kids would all love the language of the game such as interactions that take place at the station. With the coins you pick, you can earn points and purchase a new train with that money. There are also underground scenes of the train which kids would find a lot of fun. There is no age-based description in this game.

Free for Android

The game is free for Android apps.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are ranging between Rs. 120 to Rs. 1850.


Check out for the below mentioned features of Train Simulator 2015, 2016, 2017 and attain the access of it on your device

  1. The game app is filled with beautiful realistic 3D graphics in it
  2. Various Authentic 3D types of trains are present in them
  3. Various number of Train Car Types are incurred in this app
  4. Very awesome 5 representing 3D lively environments
  5. The Train consists of various scenes of Kids incurring with Toy Trains
  6. Fully accessed with underground subway scenes
  7. All views of 3D are accessed from the train
  8. Very lively Train sound effects are featured in this app
  9. Quite user friendly controls
  10. Appears with day to day updates in it


Finally, this game app is fully accessible on all Android devices, so to attain the installation of this app on your Android device just move on to the app store of 9apps through apk file and instantly download directly from the app without any worries, as it is totally free of cost and enjoy and have fun in playing this game app to the fullest extent.  

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