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Truecaller is an Android app available for free in the 9Apps store. Millions of people all over the world trust it for instantly and easily identifying unknown callers, blocking spam calls and SMS and filtering out unwanted calls and SMS-es. And much more.

It is available in the 9Apps store from where users of smartphones and desktops or laptops can install it in just a few minutes and enjoy safer, effective and highly efficient communication services. It is richly endowed with several features that are useful to Truecaller users, which they will not find elsewhere. But apart from these features, Truecaller has many more features that are not popularly known. Here are some of its leading and most prized features:

It creates your profile and customizes it: You can create it and customize it by adding your photo, name and any extra information.

Link your account to a social media network: You can also set privacy to decide who sees this information.

Mark certain callers as spam: When pesky tele-callers bother you with their calls, block them and mark them as spam. Truecaller highlights such numbers to show you a spammer is on the line.

No need for Internet to identify your caller: If Truecaller had earlier identified an unknown number in your call list when you were using the Net, it will do that again when you’re not online.

Make video calls with Truecaller: This software allows you to make video calls too. Once you install Google Duo, this is possible. All you need to do is to click on a video call and Truecaller will direct you to Duo and call for you.

You can do a free reverse look up: This means that when you get a call from an unknown number, through Truecaller you can get the details of the caller.

This app is available universally: Truecaller is available in all countries of the world.

It is your default dialler: Not only can you make calls with Truecaller but it can be your default dialer.

It is compatible on all leading platforms: It is compatible with mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia N 40 and N60.  

Make payments: Considering True caller has had tie-ups with leading banks, you can now pay using your True caller account. Just make your Virtual Payment Address and send and receive money with UPI.

True caller can be your default messaging app: By doing this, you give yourself umpteen helpful features. True caller organizes the useful ones for you and gives you an option of blocking spam messages.  

“Who viewed my profile?” Using this feature, subscribers of Truecaller Pro receive a notification when someone has seen their profile while using this app. By clicking on ‘Who Viewed My Profile’ in the app’s navigation area, you can see the name of the person who viewed your profile or his photo. This feature, as many others with this app, is designed to give the user a high level of safety.

So, just have a look on the points mentioned below in order to get a better understanding of the main key highlights of Truecaller app-

  1. Truecaller is considered as one of the world’s best caller ID that not only identify any unknown caller and block spam and telemarketing calls which unnecessarily waste your time.
  2. The users can also see names of unknown numbers in the call history that helps them to decide whether they want to take a particular call or not.
  3. Flash messaging feature is also given in Truecaller with the help of which, you can share location, emoji, status and more in a flash to your friends and other truecaller users easily and conveniently on the go.
  4. With the help of this smart number identifying app, you can automatically identify each and every unknown call as well as SMS and also block the same as per your choice by name and number series.

In today’s world, it is highly useful to have a richly-endowed app like Truecaller which works to everyone’s advantage. By installing it and using it well, one can feel safe and confident in a high-tech world.

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