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The Twitter app can help you a lot with your social media.  When you share your status and your captions with your friends on twitter then you will see how you can get involved and interact on this app. You can follow some of the famous celebs and even your friends and loved ones from the family on Twitter and there will be a lot of fun that is out there on social media. So, what are you waiting for and this is your time to choose up an app that can do all sort of things. Log on to the Twitter app to stay updated with the world.

Features of Twitter App

1) Share Images, Videos, and Thoughts

You can post any image or any video that is on your mind on the twitter app. You can also share it with your friends and all your connections on Twitter.

2) Make Connections

You can make millions of connection when you are using the twitter app. There are so many things that you can get done and using those connections can help you in the future. You can get many things from the connections and connecting with people can expand your knowledge.

3) Viral Tweets

Using the Twitter app and even the account that you have on the app,  you can get to tweet to the fullest. The viral tweets can be seen easily and when you are exploring through the app then there are high chances that you will get to see some of them on the screen or the home.

4) Discover Options

There are some really interesting things like sports and other such things that you can discover with some surfing through the app. This is really beneficial as you can discover a lot of things when using the Twitter app. You can use some specific hashtags and this will get you to the interesting things related to your search on the app.

5) Notifications

When you are using the twitter app then you will get the notifications for every single account  that you have subscribed to. This is all that you need and the twitter app has all these things to offer to you.

  • Watching extreme live streams getting direct access from your Samsung and another mobile device.
  • Can have the view of all live events by just tapping or sitting back which taking place around the world
  • From the timeline, users can have access to discovering their favorite sports, news, politics, and entertainment
  • Retweet, sharing, liking or replying to various other tweets from the timeline
  • Post a tweet to let others know what’s happening with you
  • Exploring of various moments, curated stories displaying the best of today’s events
  • Capturing the latest sports highlights
  • Check out what funny stories are going viral
  • Through notifications, you can check out who has followed you
  • Find out which of your Tweets have been liked or retweeted
  • Twitter incurs messages feature, through which we can chat privately with friends and followers
  • Sharing of tweets and other media too is incurred
  • Group conversations can be created to those who follow you
  • Good Connections are also incurred in this app whereby you can get connected to all influential people to follow


In this way, you can become the tweeting guru by installing the Twitter app on your mobile device or tablet and stay-in-touch or live up-to-date with the all the latest news and gossips from friends, celebrities, politicians, companies from all around the world. Thus, being a part of this Twitter app and creating an account and then get the installation done from 9apps fast download without a single payment assigned to it.

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