UC Browser 8.4 download fast free Apk app for Android

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UC Browser 8.4 download fast free Apk app for Android

UC Browser is one of the leading browsers in the market. It has become extremely popular on the Android platform and is, without doubt, one of the most preferred browsers that every user would like to have on their mobiles for an excellent browsing experience.

UC Browser comes from UCWeb company, which is a part of the Alibaba company. The browser has already in the list of top browsers in the Android market. Its ease of use and smooth browsing experience provided makes it a popular browser in the market. Its popularity is shown by the fact that it has more than 400 million users in 150 countries and regions of the world. Apart from English, it offers 7 other languages.

For a great browsing experience, you must use this browser today and enjoy all its rich features to enhance your internet browsing experience.

Features of UC Browser 8.4 app:

UC Browser 8.4 app has many excellent features for its users. 

Incognito browsing mode: that helps you to browse the internet without allowing your browsing data to be saved. This ensures privacy, so no one will know what websites you are browsing. The moment you close the incognito mode, the data and the temporary files get deleted.

Flash player: A flash player option is available with the UC browser. This is a great option allowing you to run flash websites and play games that use flash. Playing games is faster now.

Secure and safe browsing: Browsing on this app is safe and secure. Whatever issues were reported relating UC browser’s security issues are all fixed and the app is now highly secure to use.

Ad Blocking: You can block pop up ads, so no more irritation from ads that interrupt your browsing. 

Phone: A very interesting option is found in the Tools menu. You can use this to make phone calls and send text messages from the browser itself. It is very handy and convenient to use.

Tabbed browsing: It is now very easy to open multiple tabs on your smartphone using the UC Browser. Open different websites on each tab and switch between them easily to enjoy great multiple browsing experiences.

Download manager: The app has a download manager option where you can see all your downloaded files in one place and manage them easily and effectively.

Installation and Usage

Installing the UC Browser 8.4 app is simple and easy when you do it from 9Apps. Open the 9Apps website and search for IMO video call for UC Browser 8.4 Apk or you can use this link to directly visit the page https://9apps.download/uc-browser-8-4-download/    

Click on download and the APK is downloaded. Tap on the file name to install the UC Browser 8.4 fast free app Use the browser to enjoy a great internet surfing experience. Open the website of your choice, download files from websites, watch videos, play games on websites and have a great experience with this browser.

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