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No matter how many apps that are there for internet browsing, we are all always on the lookout for more browsers, so there is this new browser in the market for Android. It is being called the UC Mini browser. UC Mini browser is ideal for mobile phones, and it can compete with heavyweight browsers such as the Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome in the coming times. This app takes up less space than other browsers because there are lesser specifications than Chrome and Mozilla. But, you get the same language options in UC Mini browser as that you get in the other main browsers when you want to search in some other language such as Russian or German.

The browser that you get is free and for meant for all Android devices. The downloads are fast, you save data, and you can block ads, your browser has special features for when you want to browse through Facebook, and for browsing when there are dim lights at night. The videos present on the browser cater to the tastes of all, and your social media identity changes for the better with unique icons and features present on this browser.


The browser has won the Frost & Sullivan award for excellence in technology and an award for best practices. This award was for four main features. First of all because, UC MINI BROWSER comes in a tiny package, and does not eat up a lot of space, it is called lightweight, then there is navigation which means it shows news that is local to you, third because it takes gesture controls and commands, and last because it identifies the latest technology such as QR code, Data usage, and it is a smart download browser.


Another significant aspect of this app is a small window. You can do two or more things together because this mini browsing window hangs on the top, and you can continue with your shopping on your second browser if that is what you want. It has another powerful feature. When the internet disconnects then this browser would show you information from the point where the page was left as viewed. On this app, the data does not buffer, and it is bufferless fast download.  


This app is being called great for cricket viewing and checking scores regularly. The cricket viewing feature is called the cricket card. This browser is an improved browsing experience, and there is a whole lot else that you can do such as inquiry of trains and how many trains are available, how many seats are empty, and how much is the waiting time before you can make a reservation. The main attraction in this browser is that it is excellent for news viewing. This news viewing makes UI Mini browser a unique app.

Just like other browsers, this app has hidden features.

Features of UC mini browser :

  • Small Size: This app is very small in size with very well benefited features and allows easily in viewing all your favorite features with the new optimistic menu.
  • Navigated Cards: All kinds of local news and services are applicable in this UC Browser App
  • Quicker Browsing: Browsing mode is the fastest in this UC Mini Browser app regarding time and date and helps in saving lots of time.
  • Best app for Downloading: Very Speedy in downloading
  • All types of Gestures are controlled by the Videos: Commands of various Gestures are added to the control video option
  • Incognito Browsing: Privacy is protected in Incognito
  • Dark Night Mode:  All Android users can switch to the night mode during nights to read whatever needed.
  • More upcoming Features: Cloud Download, QR Code, Disk Free, SavePage, Text-Only, Full Screen, Data Usage, Check Network etc.

Updated version of UC mini 2018 

File Size 2.8MB
Type Browser app
Version 11.0.6
Require Android4.0 or later
Developer UC web
Downloads 60,00,000 +
Update J2018-02-25

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If you are interested in this app, then what are u waiting for? As this browser is one of the unique browser applications with various features incurred in it and is going to one of the most beneficial apps to all users once installed on their Android Device. So, to get it installed on your device, just got to 9app web store and install it without any delay.

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