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Vault App Download from 9apps :

Do you have pictures, videos, messages, and Whatsapp which you do not want others to see? The answer is always in the positive. Then you have to download the Vault app.

One hundred million people in this world are using this app to safeguard their privacy, and you too should give this a try. The app provides touch support, and only when you enter the password that your particular file would open. The app is mainly meant for videos and pictures which you might wish to hide. These pictures, messages, and videos all get stored on a cloud to which only you have access.

The app does a lot, and therefore, should be the next app you download.

This app helps you relax because there is a lot of pressure on us to keep our naughty files hidden from our parents, and from people who wish to pry, these people could be colleagues or no other than our siblings. No more fighting couples over misinformation or half baked information.

The app is rated 4.2 which is pretty good, and it is a universal app found in many foreign languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Portuguese besides English. The app is mostly free but has a lot of Premium versions where the application would tell you who and when tried to break into your vault.

1) Impressive Logo

The logo of the app is exciting, it is a picture of a vault with papers peeping out, and has been designed by the company called Dribbble. The creator of the app is NYSE NQ. Both the creator and the logo designer have done a great job. We will not listen to the critics and safely assume that the app is perfect.

2) Secure cam

Usually, when you open the cam, the photo gets stored in the gallery which can be seen by one and all, but with a safe cam, one can click the picture, but the app would not let him show where the image has been stored. If the person wants to see that photo, he or she will have to enter the password.

3) Decoy password

Sometimes, your family would bug you for passwords, so give them a decoy password of some other photo album to satiate their curiosity so that they would not bug you anymore.

4) Support

Sometimes, the users complain that they have lost the connection or their photos, and similar issues, in that case, the company provides excellent support services, and the app customer care is just an email away.  

5) Ads and download

The app is super quick to load, and open and is the virus and ad-free.

6) Export

When you hit the export button, then all files return to their original location, so much safer with this app.


Check out for the below assigned features of this app

  1. Hides and Secures Photos and Videos: The photos and videos incurred in the device can be accessed only after incurring a password in it.
  2. Hiding and Protecting SMS: Through this app, you can very easily hide your SMS and read, and can view and restore it anytime when you want
  3. Contacts and Call Logs Protection: This app is incurred in setting up your contacts as private and thus call logs and SMS will be hidden.
  4. Lock of all Apps: On using this app lock you can secure your social, photo, call logs and telephone apps to protect the privacy from leaking.
  5. Privacy in Browsing: With this feature, your internet surfing will not leave any marks behind.
  6. Backup feature: All your SMS, contacts and call logs, photos and videos to Cloud can be backed up to avoid them from being lost.
  7. Transferable Data: Data can be easily transferred to your new phone with the backup feature incurred in it.
  8. Recovery of Password: Password can be very well recovered by assigning security through email option and thereby you can retrieve it.

Vault App Download for android full version free APK

To get complete privacy to all your stuffs like pics, videos, SMS, contacts and many other apps on your device, then you can get the access of this app through by installing this Vault app on your device by just going directly going through 9apps web store and get it quickly installed without any worries and incur complete security about your private content on falling into wrong hands.

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