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VC Browser is a nifty and a very small size browsing software available in the market which you can download from the 9Apps store for free without any hassle. It offers a variety of simple and very unique features that make it not only very simple and easy to use but very convenient to avail all of its functions for easier management of commonly used and favourite URLs.

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With the help of this browsing app, the users can install it in any of the devices as it does not have any compatibility issues as well as it can download it in any mobile phone or laptop in just a blink of an eye due to its mini size and also consumes comparatively very little space.

Features of VC Browser:
  1. This app comes with a powerful ad filtering option with the help of which, you can browse the web in the most convenient and comfortable way by blocking all the irrelevant ads.
  2. This app comes with very small package file size and also ensure the smooth running of all the functions even in slow network connections.
  3. The best part of VC Browser is that it consumes very fewer data to browse the web, surf the internet and download files from the most reliable sources of net directly within your device as it can work as a data boost up and this is the reason why it is considered as one of the most efficient browsers you have ever used.
  4. The users can also switch to Incognito browsing mode so they can enjoy their web browsing without leaking any of their personal information or confidential data on a webpage.
  5. Download Manager option is also enabled in the app which you can use to easily save the multimedia content like images, videos, movies and other files for simpler and more convenient management of downloads in a separate folder.
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