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VC Browser is for you if you are looking for a new small mini browser. 

You get privacy because you can surf the internet on this browser in incognito mode and all your login information, your details, your financial  information all remain private, the browser is safe that way, you can easily store and manage URLs which you like the most, the browser is small and therefore it is easy to download and run. The browser is only 1MB in size. There are many themes which you can choose. 

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Data saving and memory of the phone

It is small in size and therefore it is called the mini browser. It works on 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. This works well on low memory phones, the app starts at zero starts which means it does not take any time for you to launch the app, and you get lightning fast internet speed, you get to save up to 80% data, this app can read from external storage. 

Virus and bugs fixed 

You get a smooth play of the browser, it occupies less space and goes easy on the memory. The browser runs well even on slow internet speed, and low data internet, when you get ads then you get ad-free browsing, the overall browser experience is comfortable, it is the users first choice to download this browser. You get better performance with this app, and you would find some virus and bugs fixed with each of the next version of the app. 


The UI design is simple and easy to use. You can bookmark those pages which you want to review again and again. This app saves all the websites visited the list, and you can choose between pages as to what you wish to study again. You can manage multiple tabs with this app. You get the best HTML 5 and Flash system. This makes this app very good for mobile viewing. You get night viewing with this app, night viewing means that instead of the white light, you get a yellow light on the mobile screen, and you also get without image and video sharing. The app has ad blocking installed which means you get a seamless experience browsing the internet without ads being there while surfing. It works on all operating software; it works on all Apple devices, 

Browsing window 

The app rating 4 on 5. This browser could become your favorite browser. This browser gives you the live news feed on your page. You get the find in page feature, where you can access all the information which you need, and this browser makes it possible for you to search and switch between search engines. You also get data engine optimization. These are strategies, techniques, and tactics that a search engine app uses to give you optimal results. The only thing you need to have in mind is that the place where you download the search engine should be trusted, and there should not come any malware with the app. Overall, it is an excellent app to have.

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