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You would have many videos on your mobile phone. Some of them may be downloaded, some of them taken by you on your phone, all of which you would love sharing with friends and others. But, you also would have videos and photos that you want to be private. You don’t want to share it with anyone or want to share only with select people. In such a case, the video should not be seen on your mobile. If someone opens your mobile and opens the gallery, they would be able to see all the videos and files you have.

This app called Video lock app helps you to lock videos and photos on your mobile phones. All your private videos can now be locked, so that no one can even see them, forget playing or viewing them. This is a great option as since the videos cannot be seen, no one will even know it is there. Only you can unlock the videos and open them and view them. Whenever you want to share it with others, you can remove the lock and bring it back to the gallery.

It has an interesting calculator widget which is the interface for this app. When you open the app it shows a calculator. So, whoever sees your mobile thinks it is a calculator. But, when you type in the password, it opens the private library where all your videos and photos are.

Features of Video Lock app:

  1. The app is free and there are no charges for its download or use.
  2. You can use the app to create a private video library. In this library, you can drag and drop files from your existing gallery. All these files now become private. No one can see them in the gallery.
  3. A calculator app is available which looks and works just like a calculator. But only you know how to use it to open your private video library. When you type in your secret code, the private video library is opened and you can view all your photos and videos.
  4. The app also has a video player option, so that the videos can be played from within an app and it will not open in any other app open the mobile and get saved.
  5. You can have the option of two-level passwords, where you need to enter two passwords to open the app. Since calculator interface is there, someone may type your password by mistake, so having two levels of passwords is useful so that there is no chance anyone can open your video library. This is the best app in the market for you to lock your video files and make it private.

Below mentioned are genetic features of Video Locker app, just have a look at them and get impressed

  1. This app grants complete access on protecting your device from special photos and videos incurred in it.
  2. No Limitations incurred in this app, it is limit less in the storage device
  3. Video Lock is applicable with various Multi-Language applications in it
  4. It also enables with the feature of importing multiple videos
  5. Incurred with features of quick hiding and unhiding
  6. Very easily accessible in using passwords
  7. Quick, simple powerful personal video library.
  8. Wonderfully designed and very easy to operate


You can open the  9App website and easily find the video lock app’s apk file. Download it and install on your mobile phone. Once it is installed all the videos and photos in your phone are now secured. No one can open them or see them, it is protected by this app.

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