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Vidmate App

Free download install Vidmate HD video downloader app for android latest version 2018


For attractive movie watching, you should have the cost-efficient customizable Vidmate app toolkit to spend time gleefully. It is a good movie downloading portal to entice young hearts. It helps a guy to download big Hollywood movies and music albums on the android.

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Vidmate 9Apps

Movie watching is a passion or a great hobby. The young generation is interested to hit Google to watch a lot of hot movies. Well, Vidmate movie/ audio file downloading process is less intricate.

Download Vidmate App with Latest Version

App Name Vidmate App
Fie Size 11.03 MB
Version V3.35
Developer Vidmate
Original Website
Download 100,00,000+

Features of Vidmate Application Toolkit

  • Features of Vidmate Video App
  • Easy to download movies
  • Video and movie accessibility is fast
  • Download movies directly from Sound Cloud, Daily motion
  • Live television watching
  • Fast online navigation tool
  • Compatible with 4g and wi-fi network

Download 9apps to Install Vidmate Application

9apps storefront is a perfect place for Android users to have the required tools. Smartly speaking, 9apps app store always provides the latest versions of the software for enhancing the quick movie/game/video downloading without the legal obligation. Vidmate toolkit is not unreachable. Find this good movie downloading software in 9app store.

Direct download is possible through 9app. Upgrade Android device to run Vidmate movie watching toolkit. Through Vidmate, guys download hot and famous movies from at least 15 different sites like Dailymotion. It is not chargeable. Even bookmark particular websites to download favourite movies from the online source via Vidmate tool.

How to download Vidmate app FREE of Cost?

It is free for you to download Vidmate apk file from 9app. You should check the version of Vidmate. Vidmate 3.11 apk file needs to be launched on your android. Press the installation button. However, in case, there is a technical problem to install it, go for the faster toolkit downloading option hiring/borrowing the third party jailbroken software.


The fast installation requires a good internet connection. Kindly cross check broadband to have full-fledged support to complete the apk file downloading dynamically. Movie quality is excellent without any issue.

Take Support Online from Consultants/Customer Care Office

If there is any awkward tech-related issue, the customer care support for an on-spot solution is amazing as it is open to all round the clock. Your Android device will be a recreational portal to enable you to have complete liberty to watch glossy Hollywood movies. Even it is also feasible for you to download non-English movies in multiple languages.

Recently, subscribers are worried about the virus attacks or hacking issue. They need a strong debugging toolkit. So, prior to going for installation of compatible Vidmate application apk toolkit, you must ensure the proper data safety. Scan data and stop the onsets of a destructive virus.

If you have no data safety tool, you can also depend on Cydia repo to have good jailbroken tools to upgrade your system. Then download 9 apps. Finally, run your advanced Vidmate to enhance the fast video downloading.

Vidmate for PCS

Vidmate has been one of an enormous splendid app and is a greater craze of plenty of internet lovers worldwide. The app Vidmate for PC persuades with plenty of web videos, MP3 music, movies and so on. More than any other apps at present this app is an ultimate resource for search engine contributing most of the stuff of entertainment featured in it.

A surprising offer for all movie lovers is the Vidmate app download which can be extensively used without any disturbances. It considered to as one of the most enthusiastic Android app attaining of various downloading files of music and Videos on to your preferred local device, wherein you can obtain the access of listening to music and watching videos online.

The very peculiar thing about this app is, one can obtain the source of watching movies contributed by this app in several languages such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya etc. As per your preferred language, you can watch movies without any hurdles. And thus this is the most widely rated app used to choose entertainment without any limit.

It is one of the most typical app being aided in continuous downloads of music and TV show episodes to the full extent. Thus, it is also considered to be one of the superb video downloader apps for all PC’s which contains wider collections of websites pertaining to the entertainment category. Through this app on your PC, you can also view most of your favourite serial, live TV shows and so on.

The app contributes almost to 130 and above live TV channels. All such channels can be obtained without paying a single penny and everything covered under a single roof. Also through the application of Vidmate app on your PC, you can completely obtain the pleasure of full HD version of movies and videos, and thus for installing this app on your system, you can need to have emulator app present in it.


  1. A user can watch and download movies at the very same time by using this Vidmate app
  2. Without any interruptions, a user can fully watch movies and enjoy without any limit
  3. This app is freely accessible to all users
  4. Every user can watch all Live TV programs without any limits
  5. All of the latest Videos and music albums can be watched by all through this app

How You Can Use Vidmate App to Download Videos On Your Mobile?

The vidmate app is the latest revolution in the field of applications meant for downloading the videos that are available on the internet. Many times, you come across videos on YouTube that you really want to download for further viewing. Downloading videos by means of the application is quite simple and can be done easily in a few steps.

  • Firstly you need to download the application vidmate from the internet. Since the app is not available on the play store, you must find suitable sources to download the app.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed, just tap on the icon to access the app. For downloading the videos, access the application from YouTube.
  • In the search bar, search for the desired video or movie or whatever show you would want to watch.
  • Once you have clicked on the desired video, you will notice a circular shape button which is because of the app. Just click on the button and the video will begin to download.
  • Once you have downloaded the video, open the download file to access the file on your device.

Advantages of Vidmate App

The modern world presents us with a variety of options to keep us entertained all the time. With the help of the vidmate app, you can easily download the videos and shows on your device. The app allows you to download videos on your phone or any other device that are available on YouTube. The basic benefit that you can derive from the app is the freedom to download as many videos and files as you want. What more? The content that you are downloading is absolutely free to use. This is to say that the app is totally free and you do not need to pay any charges for downloading or pay any sort of subscription fees too.

Watching the videos after downloading them via vidmate app has several benefits. You do not have to get distracted by all the advertisements that pop up on the screen. Apart from that, the quality of the video that is being played is not dependent on internet speed. This comes as a huge relief as the user does not have to compromise with the quality of video from time to time.

Download video in any format by Vidmate app

the answer to this question would definitely be in affirmative, the app allows you to download several videos, files, clips, and songs to your device directly which helps you to watch them on the go. This is to say that by means of the app, you will be able to download as many videos as you want easily without any delay or hassle. The app allows you to gain access to a plethora of videos that are available on the internet and download it as per your requirement.

The application enables you to download multiple videos at a time in various formats and file types. This varies from avi, mp3 or any other format for that matter. All you have to do is to download and install the app and it will start functioning immediately. Just click on the desired video and press the button that is present on the screen .the video shall be downloaded immediately in the format that you want.

With the help of the app, downloading videos and other files becomes a lot easier as the user does not have to find ways to save the video files.

Can we use Vimdate app in PC and Desktop Device?

The answer to this is a definite Yes. The app with all its content relating to music, video, and movies can be availed even through the comfort of your laptops and home desktops. The content is highly rich and is known to be one of the most extensive repositories among its competitors. The downloading process offers no hindrance and you can use the app to download a whole number of movies and songs on your PCs as well as laptops. Another feature that you can avail on the screen is the multitude of language that the application offers. You can watch content in English, Hindi, Tamil and many more languages. This also contributes to the popularity of the app.

Not just movies, you can even download the entire season of any of your favorite TV shows through the use of this app on your laptop and pc. You even have the option of watching them live and the collection on the app has something for everyone. The app has been designed in a way that will enrich your viewing experience as well. You can watch all the videos in HD and all you would need is an emulator app to install the app.


Can one download videos and movies directly to their device?

Yes, you can download the movies on the app and can be accessed by you as per your own convenience apart from watching them online. The content, irrespective of the pathway you take to watch it, will be in High-Definition to provide you the best viewing experience. There are no hindrances to the video and you can watch all the movies and videos uninterrupted.


Is the app free to use?

The app is completely free to use and you can get access to all the content on the app without even shedding a single penny from your pocket. Even if you wish to download the videos or music, you do not have to pay anything at all.


Is there an option to watch live TV?

Indeed, you can watch the live TV on the app and there is no limit to how much you would wish to watch. The content available is of a very high quality as well.


Can the recent content be found on the app?

Yes, we have all the latest material from the world of movies, TV shows as well as music that can be accessed easily on the app.



Finally, all the users can very easily download and install Vidmate for Windows PC through the app store of 9apps download by firstly going on to the website link of APK file and enjoy the extreme benefits shown above.   

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