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DJ Player music Mixer is an autonomous application featuring with the remixes of various kinds of songs. This app offers all the necessary DJ tools inorder to create fantastic amazing mixes on the go. It also incurs with some songs in one play incurring with the support of equalizer. This app grants fully access in playing two songs simultaneously from the SD card when needed. This is an application accessing the beginning, the loop to create, save and playlists. And hence it is very easy for the DJ amateur lovers occurring with many features and making a melodious melody of the music. The DJ Player Music was very well incurred by Mobile App Store and is fully accessible in the listed category of Music and Audio App. The actual incurring size of this app is 13.53 MB.

The application download version of this app is incurred upto 9.4.2 (6) and is absolutely free of cost. The actual supporting of this app for all Android versions incurred is of Android 14 and above. This app was launched on July 6, 2017. The current actual downloads taken place until now are of about 5,000,000. And this app can be very easily found in the web store of 9apps download 2018 without any interruptions. Thus, the DJ Player Music converts all Android devices to a full-incurred DJ system. Integrated limitless of spoify and all kinds of various tracks on your device. Djay grants complete access to mix and remix all your favourite songs and playlists instantly without any delay. And hence, the user can very well perform live shows, create loops and incur stunning FX within no time. Even if your are professionally mixing or just a beginner loving music will be granted access to create music, as djay incurs you with the utmost extreme mixing experience on your Android device. So to have the access of this app on your device, just go on to the web store none other than 9 Apps as it is absolutely free of cost.


Check out for the below incurred awesome features and get the access of instantly on your device.

  1. Simultaneously two songs can be played at the same time without any interruption in between
  2. Automatic changes can be done in the tempo/pitch/BPM
  3. This app also incurs with creating/opening and editing a playlist to the fullest
  4. Single Player with various sound effects incurred in this app
  5. Good support is incurred on the multi-track players
  6. Music can be dragged and dropped down
  7. Various remixes of the songs
  8. Very well collection of FX Sounds
  9. All the music stored on the device can be accessed
  10. Good comfortable by incurring smartphones and tablets
  11. This app is fully free without an cost incurred on it
  12. It is also featured with no  limitation and no watermark

virtual dj mixer free and pro apk app download for android

If you are a lover of music and are very much impressed with above  mentioned features and want to get the access of this app on your device, then switch on to 9app without searching any other web and get the installation done without any delay, as it is extremely free of cost without any subscription fee incurred on it. And enjoy the music to the fullest

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