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More and more people in different generations, from adults to kids, are taking on music making by the storm. They are working as RJs, DJs, and sound engineers. What makes these sound experts big in their respective fields? It is their music apps and software.

What do you need to feel like a real DJ?  You could mix a lot of songs, make a playlist and first play for your friends and later for the public to make the most of your talent, and make the most of this sound technology called Virtual DJ mixer.  

Features of Virtual DJ Mixer

A virtual DJ mixer is the best app which has also come to be known as the VDJ. This app is for both budding DJs and those DJs who are professional. The specimen of music made is high-quality music that you get to hear in ad jingles and other videos. It perfectly tunes sound effect levels, the graph on the app would know what music you appreciate the most, and play that for you. This app can also be used to go around singing karaoke with your friends. Innumerable people have subscribed to and downloaded this app.  

Cross Fade Music

The high point about this app is that it helps you create crossfade music. Crossfading means merging two sounds without a lag. DJs often need this technology; this is for DJs that play in clubs in their city, and who do not want the dance floor to go empty because there are gaps in the sound. Mostly, this app would make you create electronic sounds, but there are other genres too. Use this app in addition to mixers, headphones, and other equipment. A friend of yours and you could both jam together, and act the role of 2 DJs. The waveforms are displayed and give an additional feel of the fact that you are making real music.

Turntable Effects

Turntable effects are another excellent aspect of the app which means mixing sounds and making new sound effects or producing music.

User Interface

Now you must be thinking that it is high tech gadgetry and you would not get the hang of how to use the app, but it is not like that since the User Interface is pretty simple. You get the app skins, and if you still have a problem with the UI then look online for tutorials and manuals.

Finally, is an audio video mixing software, it has an equalizer which is being introduced to impress music fans, along with that is the treble reducer or the smaller speaker,  and you can turn the bass up,

It is an excellent app for those who wish for a career in music, and who like tinkering with music.

The rating of the app is more than four on a scale of 5.

  • Virtual DJ also allows your to do the changes in Tempo, pitch, BPM
  • You can even create, open and edit a playlist
  • Scratching sounds of two DJs are also opted in this app
  • Exploration of the waveform of each mixture is been fully optimized in this Virtual DJ app
  • The User Interface is quite simple and easy to use
  • Virtual DJ is fully accessible for all mobile devices and tablets too

Virtual DJ mixer 9apps

Therefore, if you want to be a part of this Virtual DJ app then check on the website of 9app download store and grab the instant download by clicking on the download link of APK file without any issues absolutely free of cost.

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