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Watch videos with VLC player using VLC media player Android App

Your phone is full of applications, but you do not have a good app to watch videos then you should know that VLC could help. Get VLC today.

VLC  is crystal clear video watching. The quality of the video is so good as compared to other video players. If you have made a few colleges, then those would also be fun to view in the VLC player. Whatsapp videos are an enjoyable time to watch with VLC.

You can improve the brightness of the videos, and make them dimmer or brighter. When you have a video, then you press the ‘ subtitles’ button, and you would be able to download the subtitles if they are available.

How to go about exploring features  :

  1. Video

You can watch all the videos whether it is MP3 or MP4. The video quality is different and better than all other video players. You can watch movies and TV series on VLC.

  1. Audio

You can listen to music, and the sound quality is excellent. You can all make a playlist out of songs on your phone. You would not believe, but just by right clicking on the audio song, you would be able to add a song as a ringtone. This ringtone feature is best for those who always struggled with how to make a ringtone out of a song.

Your VLC would save each song by the genre. So, you can store your music in an organized fashion, and lose no time searching and playing the music.

  1. Podcast

If you have a podcast, you can give that a listen on the VLC player.

  1. Voice Recorder

You can listen to voice recording on VLC, and have some good fun listening to how you sound on a professional media player.

Key Features of VLC App

There are many features that you can get from VLC  and here are all those things that you can get –

1) User-friendly interface

VLC is so easy to operate that even a kid can do it. We can play and delete songs, movies, and podcasts as per our wish.

2) Free application

The application is surprisingly free of cost. You can see all the features for free, and even if there were some paid portion, you would not need it, because the free app version is so complete in itself.

3) History option

VLC goes on noting down our activity on the app, and therefore, when we have run out of choices and wish to playback the same old selection of songs, we can do that by going to the ‘ History’ tab.

4) Sleep In mode

If you are listening to music right before you sleep, and you wish for the phone to go into sleep mode too then choose that option, and you would doze off with no disturbance from the phone.

Notice below the features of VLC Media Player and it will surely impress all the users to get the quick instant on their device.

  1. Very good at playing all files incurred in various formats, such as the classic VLC
  2. Complete search on the Audio and media library can be done through this app
  3. Ultimate support incurred on network streams, including HLS.
  4. Good support for Android version of 2.2 (platform-8)
  5. This app includes all ASS and DVD subtitles
  6. Multiple audio or subtitles tracking selection
  7. Decoding of Multi-core origin
  8. Supportable of full hardware decoding
  9. Various Gestures, headphones control
  10. Equalization of Audio incurred in this app


VLC Media Player is the ultimate superb multimedia application and is very well beneficial to all users at all times. To get it installed immediately on your Android device, go to 9apps apk download and get the access to this app without incurring any subscription fee. This app simply plays just anything and without any interruption included. So enjoy this app to the full extent and share its opinion with your friends.

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