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VLC Media Player 4.0.4 is an excellent app and very much beneficial to all Android users. It is an extremely free and open source cross-platform multimedia player which incurs almost all multimedia files including discs, devices, and network streaming protocols.

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This app is particularly incurred by Videolabs and the size of this app is of 16.09 MB. The exact requirement of this app for all Android devices is about 4.0 and above. The approximate version of this app is of 2.0.6. It is an extremely most stable, flexible and lightweight audio and video player especially available all around when comparing to all others which play very unusual formats after the downloading of codec or simply resist in playing things. VLC on Android incurs with any of the audio and video files, similar to all network streams, network shares, and DVD ISOs.

It is exclusively a full audio player incurring with a complete database, an equalizer, and filters, playing all types of weird formats of an audio presentation. This app is extremely meant for everyone and is priceless without a single penny incurred on it, also no ads interrupting in between. It appears to be the number one app-purchases. This app is applicable to the 9apps install download 2018 and is very easy to be installed without any hassles. This app was lastly updated on August 12, 2016.

This program has access to tons of formats available in them, such as from MPEG to FLV and RMVB files. The very important fact of this app is that the user can use this VLC media player to review all files that have been downloading. This app is not meant only for video playback but it also incurs integration of the video channel streaming services such as the Channels.com granting complete access to all channels like ESPN, Reuters, and National Geographic. Thus, this app is very easy to install without any interruption.


Notice below the features of VLC Media Player and it will surely impress all the users to get the quick instant on their device.

  1. Very good at playing all files incurred in various formats, such as the classic VLC
  2. Complete search on the Audio and media library can be done through this app
  3. Ultimate support incurred on network streams, including HLS.
  4. Good support for Android version of 2.2 (platform-8)
  5. This app includes all ASS and DVD subtitles
  6. Multiple audio or subtitles tracking selection
  7. Decoding of Multi-core origin
  8. Supportable of full hardware decoding
  9. Various Gestures, headphones control
  10. Equalization of Audio incurred in this app


VLC Media Player is the ultimate superb multimedia application and is very well beneficial to all users at all times. To get it installed immediately on your Android device, go to 9apps apk download and get the access to this app without incurring any subscription fee. This app simply plays just anything and without any interruption included. So enjoy this app to the full extent and share its opinion with your friends.

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