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Voice Screen Lock app from 9apps

Usually, a mobile phone offers excellent security options. When you buy an Android smartphone, it has inbuilt security options where you can use a password, pin, or a pattern to unlock your mobile, so that it is secure. If you have a fingerprint scanner, you can use your fingerprints to unlock the mobile. One more very useful and interesting option to make your phone secured and unlock it is through voice control.

Yes, you can use your voice to lock and unlock the mobile phone. This is an excellent security feature, which is very secure and also interesting. You can unlock your mobile phone, even without touching it. Just use your voice and the phone gets unlocked. This is a great security feature, which is much more secure than a password or pattern. Anyone can see the password or pattern and then unlock your phone. But no one can copy your voice so easily. It is a great option, especially if you don’t have a fingerprint scanner on your mobile – this is more secure to use.

The app can be used to record your voice so that it recognizes your voice and stores in its database. Whenever you speak, it matches your voice with the database and opens the lock on the phone. It has an excellent interface and is very easy to use. It has its own security system and apart from voice lock, you can also use pattern or fingerprint to open the mobile lock. It’s a great app that you can use to make your mobile all the more secure.

Features of Voice Screen Lock :

  1. The app needs internet access to work, so you need to have the internet to be able to use the voice lock. In case you have an internet problem, you can download a speech recognition software and save on your mobile so that even if there is no internet you can use voice command to unlock the phone.
  2. You can use regular lock screen options like fingerprint or pattern. This is useful if you don’t want to speak or reveal the passcode to others. Also, if you have a very bad cold, your voice may change and there may be problems opening the lock. In such cases, you can use backup measures.
  3. It works on speech recognition technology. If your mobile is of an old version and doesn’t support this feature, then don’t worry the app takes you to Google play and helps you download a speech recognition software, which you can then use to unlock the phone.
  4. In case you forget the voice passcode, no problem, there are easy ways of recovering the passcode or changing it and you can speak the magic word to open the phone lock.

Make your phone highly secure by using your voice to lock and unlock the phone. This is a unique option you get when you download and install the Voice Screen lock app from the 9Apps website. It makes your phone secured and is very interesting and unique to use.

Check out the below mentioned features of this app and get the installation done at the earliest possible.

  1. Ensures good Security for the Application: Applications security can be ensured very well by locking and unlocking the password setting through your voice.
  2. Password Recovery: Password can be very well secured through the setting of the keyboard as a backup. Even if you forget your password, this app will help your recover it very easily.
  3. Usage of Voice Screen Lock and unlock: Voice recording can be done on setting as a password and then speak to unlock your phone.
  4. A Best Unlocker App for Android: A superb useful app for Android and is a very beneficial one too.

Voice Screen Lock app software download for mobile Security

If you are interested in this app, and want to get it installed on your device without any worries, then get the installation by switching on to 9apps APK store without any worries and enjoy the application having a voice password or by touching the sound waves incurred on it.

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