Voice Screen Lock app software download for mobile Security

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Voice Screen Lock app from 9apps

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To get a difference in your Android device, be a part of Voice Screen Lock and unlock your screen with voice. This app is extremely based with high quality mobile apps and are completely available for free to download. The actual number of 16,800,000+ users is getting the download of Voice Screen Lock with the latest version on 9 Apps with every week. Hence, the world’s most powerful app is hereby waiting for you. Thus, if you face any problems regarding the phone privacy or Data Privacy, then this is the super most app for you because privacy is a general right everyone needs to have on their device. So, to enhance the devices security every time, do not delay any more and get the device security of your private and important content with the access of home screen locks and these are very much easily incurred with the touch or button actions.

As this voice screen locker is unique and is newly applied with voice lock unlock functions, it is also easily accessible to all Android devices without any hassles. And once after getting the access of this app on your device, you can very easily set back your password for Voice and you need to speak to lock and unlock. And therefore, to get the accessibility and improve the security of your device then you just need to speak, even if the phone is not in your hand you can still lock your device with voice password. Thus, this voice screen lock will grants access in securing your phone data. The developer of this app is 100 Brain Studio, and is incurred in the Category of Productivity Software. The total downloads until now are of about 53 and downloads of last week is 11. Users can get the access of this device on 9 Apps without any worries as it is extremely free of cost.


Check out the below mentioned features of this app and get the installation done at the earliest possible.

  1. Ensures good Security for the Application: Applications security can be ensured very well by locking and unlocking the password setting through your voice.
  2. Password Recovery: Password can be very well secured through the setting of the keyboard as a backup. Even if you forget your password, this app will help your recover it very easily.
  3. Usage of Voice Screen Lock and unlock: Voice recording can be done on setting as a password and then speak to unlock your phone.
  4. A Best Unlocker App for Android: A superb useful app for Android and is a very beneficial one too.

Voice Screen Lock app software download for mobile Security

If you are interested in this app, and want to get it installed on your device without any worries, then get the installation by switching on to 9apps APK store without any worries and enjoy the application having a voice password or by touching the sound waves incurred on it.

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