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Volume Booster Pro – 2017 download from 9apps

Many times, when you have used your mobile phone to listen to some audio or music, you would have felt the volume is too less. Let’s say you want to play a song for your friends and the volume is so less than people are not able to hear, this would have definitely disappointed you. When you set notifications or alarms on your mobile, you should be able to hear the sound loudly and clearly at all times. It shouldn’t happen that the sound is so less that you don’t hear it and miss it. If you have a faced this kind of problem anytime, then you need a volume booster app for your smartphone.

The Volume Booster Pro 1.6.2 app is the perfect solution for all those who are not very happy with the sound levels of their mobile phones. This app can be used to boost or increase sound volume levels. This is very useful and you can now listen to audio and songs more clearly and enjoy a great audio experience using your mobile phone.

You can not only boost the sound volume through this app, but you can also use it to switch to silent mode when you are in an important meeting. You can also turn off the sound boosting effect if you want. All this can be done easily by pressing a single key. It is thus easy and simple to use.

Features of Volume Booster Pro:

  1. This app offers a single key used mode to boost the sound on your mobile phone. You can easily increase the sound volume and listen to audio, music, alarms, notification sounds very clearly without any problem.
  2. Whether is the volume of the speaker or the ringtone while you receive a call, the volume of all sounds gets boosted when you use this excellent app.
  3. A single key functionality is the advantage of this app. You can with a press of a key boost the sound volume and you can also decrease its volume and even turn it in mute or silent mode with a single press of the key. When you are in a meeting or an important conversation, you can use this option so the volume of your mobile doesn’t disturb anyone.
  4. You can even turn off the boosting option and restore the sound to the original levels. All these can be done very easily using this app and it can be done through a single key operation, which is convenient and easy.
  5. You can get a boost in the sound volume by up to 25% of the original sound by using this app. It is a great app to have on your mobile phone.

If you want to install the Volume Booster Pro 1.6.2 app on your mobile, you can do it very easily by downloading the APK file from the 9Apps websites. Once the file is downloaded, you can install it and use it to boost the volume of your mobile phone and enjoy superior sound quality.

Check out the exquisite features of this app, and get the access of it on your device

  1. A Single key is just enough to increase the sound volume to the maximum of speakers, loud alarm clock, ringtones and many more
  2. Just a single key to switch your device to the silent mode, especially when you are at a meeting or when on bed.
  3. One Key to change the mode of normal to the original custom phone sound.
  4. Authentic graphics and cool user interface incurred in this app


Finally, this app is the best app for all Android devices and the easiest application to all users. So, to get it activated on your device instantly just switch on to 9app extremely free of cost without incurring a single penny and enjoy all the benefits of this app to the full extent.

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