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Volume Booster Pro – 2017 download from 9apps

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The sound Volume Booster Pro 1.6.2 apk  is an awesome app controlling the volume of your Android devices during all streams of sound especially music, voice, alarm, system). With just a tap on the key the systems volume can be boosted up. This app will enable your phone with louder sound of about 15-25% and overall increase in the volume power by 25-35%. It also improves the volume and sound of your speakers and headphones and incurs the sound like a HiFi system. With a simple tap on the volume you need to hear and the rest will be handled by the app through your sound settings. This app also access the built-in Android equalizer in optimizing the channels frequently. Thus, the actual result of the sound will be stronger and clearer. The download version incurred in this app is of about 3.6 and is offered by Seattle Apps and is found in the category of Tools App. The price of this app is extremely Free of cost.

This app can be incurred very well through the supporting version of the Android device of around 14 and above. The actual number of reviews from the customers received until now is around 150133. This app is can be easily applied to all Android devices by moving on to website 9 apps without any interruption. Volume Booster Pro is a superb sound booster app for all mobile devices. All the volumes incurred on the device can be easily set up through this volume booster app. It not only increases the  ringing volume, voice volume, phone call sound, Alarm sound and SMS messages notification sound, rather also increases the volumes of the phone speaker and headphones sound too. This app is also considered to be the best volume controlling app. Thus, it can be used as a music player which sounds like a HiFi system, which immediately increases all the volume at 30% extra.


Check out the exquisite features of this app, and get the access of it on your device

  1. A Single key is just enough to increase the sound volume to the maximum of speakers, loud alarm clock, ringtones and many more
  2. Just a single key to switch your device to the silent mode, especially when you are at a meeting or when on bed.
  3. One Key to change the mode of normal to the original custom phone sound.
  4. Authentic graphics and cool user interface incurred in this app


Finally, this app is the best app for all Android devices and the easiest application to all users. So, to get it activated on your device instantly just switch on to 9app extremely free of cost without incurring a single penny and enjoy all the benefits of this app to the full extent.

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