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If you have come looking for a weather app then you have come to the right place. You get to see the Indian climate and keep a track on the same. You would also get knowledge inputs about topography, geographical scale and there would be no generalizations, but an accurate picture of what the climate is in each state and each city. If the weather suddenly changes, it is not like you would not be informed, you get the accurate picture of the weather, best calculated to the last minute, and last second. But, if you were to go heading wise, you would find that there is an hourly reading given.

You would not get wet in the rain if you were to be keeping an eye on this weather portal, it is accurate enough for that. Now, you must be thinking why do you need an app for the weather when you are already experiencing the weather sitting where you are sitting. But, that has a reason too. The reason is that India’s geography is such that the weather is unpredictable. You could be sitting in a room where the weather is cozy winters with a heater on, but suddenly there is a hailstorm situation so you need this app to plan your day and your holiday. 

To put it academically, we should say that there is desert in the NW, north has Himalayas, south has low lands such as the Malabar coast, and along the western coast is the Western Ghats, then in the east is Assam, the NE has the Bay of Bengal and so on so the weather in NE and West is still similar to rains and greens, and the desert in the North is anomaly so there is a lot to be said about weather changes. So, if you were to plan a holiday to the NE, you would like to know if the state would be flooded and if your vacation is likely to be affected by the weather. 

The UI is simple and would tell you how many hours it is going to be sunny or cloudy and when it would rain or snow. You would also be told the maximum or minimum temperature of the day and when it would be the warmest and when the coldest. 

The first thing you need to do is get Linux on your phone before you get a weather app on your phone. You would see a lot of options for weather apps and you just need to pick one of those and you would be happy with the results. This app runs on all phones which have Linux.  The app would go to the extent of telling you if a storm can be predicted and if it is going to be stormy then what would be the speed of the wind. Overall, a great app to have for common sense reasons.

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This page contain information about weather apps and the download links of 9Apps, manage is a digital store where you can get all the applications and games full free to install weather of your first step will be install Linux in your Android mobile after installing Linux open the nine Apps and then type weather apps you will see a download links of weather apps just click the button to start downloading after downloading go to the download folder and then click to install it in your mobile now you are ready to use weather apps in your Android mobile.