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Real time messaging, calling and video chatting made effortless by Whatsapp old version

It is a common phenomenon that Whatsapp is one of the useful, beneficial and exciting messenger apps which is available in all operating systems for free. Whatsapp via 9apps for android is the only messenger app that has attained popularity within a lesser span of time, yet its use stays constant amongst the consumers presently. When the Whatsapp old version was launched initially, the entire market shook with its economical features that are to be used with your phone’s internet or wifi connection.

An online messenger app supports free messaging to your contacts. You can now call and do a voice message along with video calling features you get the best kick to switch to a Whatsapp messenger app. You can send and receive messages from another Whatsapp user who can send and receive calls, photos, documents, video calls and voice messages.

Credible Whatsapp old version features vs. new Whatsapp upgraded features

  • Both the old and new version can be installed without paying any bucks, which means it’s a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for any Android or smartphone users. It uses your phone’s internet connection whether it is 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wifi to get connected with your family or friends worldwide.
  • You can send and receive multimedia files effortlessly
  • Another most exciting feature comprises is the free calling system. You can use Whatsapp messenger anywhere in the world. Yes, it is accessible from any corner of this world. If you have an internet connection in your device you can get the best audible calling features.

Another most exciting thing about Whatsapp old version is that you can enjoy chatting with your contacts or people who are added to a particular group that keeps you updated and connected. It is an effective feature that has boosted various corporate firms and used highly by areas where group activities take place. Whatsapp web, no username or pins and much more from location to documents, anything is sent or received on the Whatsapp old version.