Whatsweb Messenger Chat Advice APK Download Install – 2018

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Whatsapp web Messenger Chat for Every Android Device

If you are looking out for some additional app for your Whatsapp then there are so many out there and you can get to choose any of them from the market. The best and most used app that you can ever come across is Whatsapp Web Messenger Chat app that will always come out to be perfect. There are so many things that you can get done with this app and as a whole, this is a perfect app for your mobile phone. There are many users and to be clear, this app was launched in 2014 as per the Whatsapp messenger. This is a perfect app for every mobile user out there and you can get so many features from the app that will surely benefit you in a much better way.

Why Choose Whatsapp?

There are so many messengers that you can come across and WhatsApp is one of the best apps that you can ever come across and it is a whole package of entertainment. You can get to share some really great files of any type on Whatsapp and there is no app that can be compared to this app. This is just a perfect pack of things that everyone needs in a messenger. You have to make your own account and there were many users of Whatsapp at that time. However, the using of Whatsapp messenger is free and there are many new members that have connected to the app.

Choosing Whatsapp over any other app is normal and there are so many benefits that you can get when you are using Whatsapp. If you are the one who loves to get some really unusual but useful features then this is for you. Here is a list of things that you can get from Whatsapp –

1) Whatsapp Free Calls

Making calls are free when you are using Whatsapp call and they only take some of your data pack from your data pack while making the call to someone on the messenger.

2) Send Documents

There are plenty of things that we always wanted to share on WhatsApp and this feature can help you add any kind of thing. You can attach some things like word file or excel or any file that is a simple doc.

3) New Stickers

There are new stickers that you can use and if you haven’t got this option yet then this is time to update your WhatsApp messenger.

4) Delete Message

You can delete your messages for a limited time after sending which will keep misunderstandings away. In case, you send different message accidentally to someone then delete option can help you out deleting the message from both sides.

5) Hide Your Last Seen

Last seen is shown to the people on WhatsApp as per your privacy. This will show the other user when you were last online. You can hide your last seen by getting into settings and making the privacy to nobody.

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