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When you use a smartphone, you would like to use various applications with it. Prominent among them would be listening to music and also viewing videos. Generally, there are different app for listening to music and a different one for video watching. It would be very convenient to have one user-friendly app to do both. The solution is the popular X Player.

X Player is one of the popular music and video player apps. This app can be used by smartphone users to watch videos, downloaded movies, songs, and audio clips. This is an excellent video player which can play files of any formats. 


X Player is a very useful app that is a must on every smartphone. No smartphone is complete with this app that is needed to play downloaded songs and videos. While downloading files they may be of any format. This player plays all kinds of files and is thus the best option available in the market.

Features of X Player:

  1. This is a popular app that has more than 50,000 users.
  2. The present version is 1.03.12.
  3. It is a compact file, which is just 14 MB large and can be easily downloaded and installed.
  4. It can run on any Android app of version 4.0.3 or higher.
  5. It is a multi-functional player having a variety of options making it excellent for playing audios and videos. 
  6. It supports multiple formats. Whether it is mp3, mp4, avi, flv, or any other format – it supports all formats making it highly convenient to use.
  7. It can use updated hot music and has a free cached version for the convenience of the user.
  8. You can very easily synchronize music to cloud storage. This helps you backup the files easily and retrieve it easily whenever you want, so you can access the videos and audios easily.
  9. You can share videos and audios easily by using this app.
  10. It is simple and easy to use, even a novice who doesn’t know how to use a smartphone can use this app. Its ease of use and its user interface makes it attractive and a highly preferred product by users.
  11. A powerful feature is the quick start, whereby the app opens quickly, so that you can start playing audio and video immediately, without any loading delay.
  12. Playback is smooth with no lagging. Whether it is a small audio clip, a song, a playlist, a short video or a full-length feature film, you can enjoy great experience playing music and videos using this excellent app.


It is very simple to install this app through the 9Apps website, click on this link from your browser:  https://9apps.download/xplayer/  

Once the page loads, select download and the download is complete in an instant. Then open the file and installation happens easily without any difficulty. Once this is done, the app is installed and you can see it on your home screen. Open it to enjoy viewing videos and having a great experience.

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