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Android is one of the most demanding mobile operating system these days. Have you ever thought of modifying your Android device beyond its limited usage? Have you ever wanted to add custom ROMs or any enhanced features? If itis so, then we have got a solution for you in the name of Xposed Framework.

Features of Xposed Installer:

  • It is easy to use. You can custom, recover and wipe your phone via 9apps download and install a new Operating System with it.·
  • They run in memory, this was your inbuilt system files will not be damaged or even modified.·
  • You have the option of enabling and disabling Xposed modules as per your choice.·
  • You can use Xposed with your current stock ROM.·
  • It has various modules are ready to use with the simple Xposed Installer Software.·
  • Xposed Installer module is designed for optimizing battery; you don’t have to worry about draining your battery soon.·

Some Modules of Xposed Frameworks:

  • YouTube AdAway ­ – This module will remove advertisements from the YouTube app also YouTube TV. Also, it will disable the function like video suggestion and information.
  • Snapprefs – You can save the Snapchat picture with this module. There are various paint tools, adding enhancement and providing suggestion you can do before sending a Snapchat message. It includes features of blur too; location spoofing, weather, speed and many other things.
  • Gravity Box – It has various Android tweaks. There are lock screen tweak, status bar tweak, medial tweaks, navigation key tweaks, power tweaks and many others. You can do a variety of things with the help of these tweaks like adjusting your battery indicator style, or allow screen recorder and screenshot too with the help of power menu, use your volume keys for changing the tracks while the phone is locked and many more functions.
  • WhatsApp Extension, Root Cloak, Never Sleep, Pinnate, MinminGuard, Instagram Downloader, Zoom for Instagram, Boot Manager, Amplify and many more are such varieties of tweaks available.

You can download this software from the Internet which is an .apk file. After downloading, install it just like any other app. You need to have Xposed installer before using any of its modules.