YeeCall: HD Video Calling APK Download for Family & Friends

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Are you looking for a video and voice calling app on the lines of Skype, but better then you are looking for YeeCall. YeeCall is a free messaging and calling app. It can be downloaded from 9 apps. It is free of cost. You can now send and receive messages, images, videos, and documents  and you can chat with friends and family, plus there are several other video calling functions 

Faster downloads 

The YeeCall downloads fast, there are no irritating ads, and this app can be used for both video calls as well as voice calls. It is international in nature and relatives sitting in India can call relatives in Indonesia

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Video  conferencing 

You need to register online. You can even use this app for official purposes as there is video conferencing facility which is available. A total of 20  people can video chat with each other at the same time. It also works on slow internet connections that is what makes this app even better. 

HD quality international calling 

The quality of the video and audio remains good even when the internet is slow. The video is always HD quality, and you can make video calls to other nations. 

Millions of people are using this app to stay connected. You need to register and start adding friends who have the same app. 

Selfie camera with beautifying effects 

One of the best achievements of this app is that the app cam is such that you look good when video chatting and that is what makes this app even more extraordinary. It can hide your ugly pores, wrinkles of old age and you would have never heard of a video calling app doing that, so this is perfect for the times when so many people use video urging to look at each other before getting married. It is an ideal app to impress your beau. Now you do not need to apply makeup before going for a video call. 

Stickers and GIFs to chat

There is a lot of doodles to be sent when one is chatting once again so that you can easily impress your partner or prospective partner. Not even Skype has this video calling experience which means you have found the best video calling app of the nation in the year 2019. 

Not  just that, this app is also fun because it offers you free stickers to make the chat more interesting, there are GIFs for the same purpose, you can click and send pretty selfies with this app, the cam is excellent and you can once again use the app to submit documents which are official in nature. Thus this app gives you a real feel of immersive communication experience. You would feel you were sitting with the person who you were video calling.  

App community 

The app has a great community, and in the FAQ section, you would find answers to all your questions such as why you cannot hear the voice when calling, it could be because the microphone does not have permission to start working and other issues and answers of the same nature. 

So, if you really want to avail all of these features of YeeCall app then just click on the header or footer options now and get it installed directly from download 9Apps through APK for free.