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Zapya is a free sharing application program initiated by DewMobile Inc. This app works on all Android, iPhone and many more devices. The version of this app is just 4.4. Presently this app is applicable in English Language. Through this app you can download and very easily use it on Android device. Zapya an awesome tool whereby you can send plenty of files to other users in a very quick instant and easy manner too. To be frank, the transferring speed of the file in Zapya is approximately 100x quicker than what you rather access in Bluetooth. The user interface of this app is quite simple and intuitive. It enables you to send files in a second without any delay. There are various screens allotted for the transferring of different types of files like the one for images, one for videos, one for music, and one for other apps. And therefore, just click on the file you want to share and select the appropriate option preferred.

This app is incurred with simple user interface and it is very much easier to transfer and share larger amounts of digital files over wireless networks without incurring any additional payments. The way this app works brilliant through which two or more peers download the free Zapya applications on the same network. And due to this, you can share the huge access of documents or files incurring with the user group of up to 5 people. And also have a view of the document with the usage of built-in media player. Thus, by installing this app, you can get the complete access of joining over 450 million users worldwide with the cross-platform of transferring and sharing. On using this app, you are allowed to transfer files from Androids, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, Tizen, PCs and Mac Computers instantly. This app signifies not only about the speed incurred in it, but it also specifies that it is absolutely free of cost to all users without incurring a single penny. Hence, Zapya is super accessible to use and well supported with multiple languages. And yet, file transfers have been have never been that simpler at all. So, to get the access of this tool on your device, switch on to web store of 9apps fast download 2018 instantly.


Assigned below are the optimistic features of Zapya app, just have a look at them

  1. It saves your money on the expensive mobile data charges: Through this app you can transfer files without a data connection of Wi-Fi connection. Not a single data incurred to transfer a file
  2. Sharing can be done without any cable connection and can be shared without any limits: Files can be shared from one device to the other without any cables incurred. Files of any format and size for free can be shared across the multiple platforms.
  3. Data backup: This app can easily backup and transfer files from your old device phone to a newer one.
  4. Quick transferring speeds: The app can transfer up to 200 times quicker than the Bluetooth
  5. Group sharing access: Various files of different formats can be sent in one sort to a group of friends and can easily connect up to 4 devices simultaneously.
  6. QR Sharing Code: Access the personalized QR codes and the share the content through QR codes.
  7. Chat Offline: No Net connection, still no problem. With the access of sharing files, you can also do chat and share streaming video/audio to your nearby friends without a internet connection.
  8. Peer Cam: The camera can be controlled when connected to another device to view and click the photo remotely.
  9. Good Support of Languages: English (Default), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Spanish, Arabic. Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bhasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian and Portuguese.

zapya apk free download APK app for android – 2017 & 2018

Zapya is a very good beneficial app but it is been incurred with 2 requirements for it to be visible. Inorder to get the access on the device, both devices need to have it installed and need to be around the wireless network. So, to get the quick access of this app on your device, simply move on to 9apps download without any payment incurred on it.

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