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4K Zoom HD Camera For Android is very amazing and incurred with the coolest functionality of the camera. It is a free and powerful photo editor which includes excellent editing tools to design beautiful photos with blur and blurry backgrounds in your photos, this camera is absolutely free of cost. Through this camera, you can show your quality at the closest distance. With this camera, the problem of clarity of the landscape pictures of distant shots is escaping out of hand.

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Thus, with this camera app, you can click the scene you like and any objects that are quite far away, like people, etc, incurring with the utmost peace of mind without any problems incurring in it. This app is initiated by Jiya Infotech and is easily accessible in the listed category of Photography App. The actual size of this app 24.91MB and the current version incurred on this app is of about 1.0. This app acquires the supporting version of the Android device of 4.1.2 and above.

The Zoom quality incurring in 4K power and HD image quality erases all the problems away in one instant. The date of publication of this app is on 5th June 2017. There are various kinds of features incurred in this app. Among them the Ultra HD camera you enable in creating the most popular pictures with the filters of amazing functionality incurred in them.

Through this application, you will be the most beautiful and the most handsome person. Thus, this app is very easily accessible to all Android devices and to get the installation done on your device simply move on to the web site none other than 9 Apps without any hassles. This utmost new and awesome application is extremely free of service. Even though the reviews of the customer may not seem to be positive, but once installing and checking for yourself you will get the exact experience of it to the fullest.


  1. Awesome higher resolution with the shooting of HD (720p and 1080p)
  2. The wonderful shooting of front camera is incurred in this app
  3. Image capture featured of HD and Superb HD video shooting feature is accessible in this app
  4. Zoom in and Zoom out feature too is also incurred in this app
  5. The shooting of Smart Panorama
  6. Manageable modes of shooting such as front, rear camera, and video shooting
  7. Settings of 15+ along with Brightness, contrast, resolution and many others
  8. White balance settings
  9. Targeting the location too is incurred in this app
  10. Photo effects of a different kind
  11. The various sets of screen mode such as Action, Night, Sunset, Play
  12. Featured with Flash app

superzoom HD camera apk download

To get the access of this app on your device, simply switch on to 9apps and get the direct installation without any worries and experience all the benefits of this app and share it also with your friends and family.

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